Furman open to any and all options

Recruiting coverage at SoonersIllustrated is going strong as we look to bring fans the latest in Oklahoma recruiting news. Today, we take a look at one of the top athletes from the state of Maryland, Josh Furman of Old Mill Senior High School. What's the latest? Check it out in this SI update.

Having multiple scholarship offers in most cases is a good thing. Even more so, having options for a couple of positions can come in handy as well. But for someone with the skills of Old Mill Senior (MD) athlete Josh Furman, figuring out what school, and for what position, are just a few of the choices and decisions he is faced with as he works his way through the recruiting process.

"It's a tough choice to make because I have been playing running back my whole life. And some schools are looking at me as a linebacker," Furman said about the different positions he plays. "I have the ability to play and excel at either position. I would say that 60 percent of schools want me as a linebacker and the other 40 percent are looking at me as a running back.

"I am still up in the air about what I want to play."

But either way, there are programs that would prefer to just get him on campus first. And one of those programs is Oklahoma. According to Furman (who stands 6-foot-2 and weighs 194 pounds), the Sooner coaches have him listed as an athlete so that they may judge a position according to need when the time comes.

And even though Furman does not know a lot of intricate details about the Sooner program, there are some things that have caught his attention.

"I am a huge football fan and I watch a lot of college football," Furman said. "I really don't ever remember Oklahoma having a losing season, ever. Plus, Adrian Peterson is one of my heroes."

For the moment, Furman has no favorites as he stated that there are plenty of teams he likes from a number of conferences. To date, Maryland, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, North Carolina, Duke, Michigan, Syracuse, and Virginia Tech have all put names in the hat along with Oklahoma.

That makes a total of nine offers for Furman, but does Furman expect more to come his way?

"I'm very excited to have those offers and go through the (recruiting) process because you only get to do this once," Furman said. "I think that other athletes of my same skill level have more offers, but I guess I just have to be patient. Either way, I think that everything is going good."

Of all the offers, Syracuse was the latest. Furman has made it a point to do a lot of research and take plenty of visits. So far, he has been to the campuses of all the schools except Michigan and Oklahoma. 

With Oklahoma, Furman did say that he would like to make his way down to Norman. But in the meantime, the coaches decided to drop in on him for a visit.

"I talked with the (Oklahoma) coaches last Monday and 2-3 days later, they came by the school," Furman said. "While the (Sooner) coaches were here, my coach took him around to some of teachers and asked them about me as a person. When they were done, I heard that the coach was even more excited about recruiting me to the program."

Offensively, Furman finished last season with 796 yards and 14 touchdowns. On defense, he recorded 87 tackles and had eight sacks.

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