Kenney Closing in on Norman

Cameron Kenney is set graduate from Garden City C.C. and begin his career as an Oklahoma Sooner. Sooners Illustrated caught up with him to see how things have been going.

Cameron Kenney has been making sure to take care of his studies so that he will be able to enroll in summer courses at OU, but because he did not get to do Spring football he has been working out a little more to get ready for the rigors of the D1 game.

"Right now I am just trying to do what I can do to get physically prepared for the season," Kenney said. "I will have to learn all of the playbook when I get down to Norman. But right now all I can do is do what I can do to get myself prepared for that next time I will step out on the field."

"I got to do a little extra just to try to get ready for that level. I have basically been lifting four or five times a week and I run three days a week to try to get my body in shape."

"I just know I got to work hard and everything else will pay off."

Kenney made a tough choice to further his football career by gaining experience at Garden City.

The decision to attend the community college in Kansas paid off in a big way as he was recruited and offered by a host of top tier programs before selecting the Sooners.

"Everyone questions it," explained Kenney when asked if he was glad that he did decide to go the JuCo route. "I was told that they do not pick too many people out of junior colleges, but just had to come out here and my work and effort in to it and everything worked out for the best."

"I graduate on May 21st and I will be out of here shortly. I am supposed to be enrolling in summer school."

After developing his game at Garden City Kenney was considered one of the very best JuCo prospects in the country and earned four-star status on, but he always thought he would be playing another sport.

"I always played football, but I thought I was going to be a soccer guy going in to college," Kenney informed. "Then my senior season I did really good and I just stuck with it and I have been really practicing learning the (Wide Receiver) position ever since then."

Kenney is now set to prove that his game has developed enough that he can make a difference once he gets to Norman.

"I am just ready to get out there and once they see me on the field everything will be what it is, but for the time being I need to take care of my business here in Kansas so I can be ready to go when I get there."

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