Oyedeji Talks Recruitment And Sooners

Even if he wanted to make an early decision, Tobi Oyedeji might not have the time. Sooners Illustrated caught up with the busy Texas big man to get the latest on the 2010 star's recruitment.

This weekend, Tobi Oyedeji will join his teammates on the Houston Hoops at the Nike Memorial Day Classic in Suwanee, GA. The event, will be the 6-foot-8 big man and his team's sixth since the high school season ended. What some might consider a grind, Oyediji enjoys as he looks to balance his improvement with travels around the country and deciding what's most important to him in picking a college.

Despite some nagging injuries, the long and lean insider feels pretty good about the way he's performed.

"I feel that I've been ok this spring," said Oyedeji. "The first week of the AAU circuit I kind of hurt my ankle so I've been kind of rehabbing it. I feel I've done pretty well though, I've really been trying to show my face up ability."

Since bursting onto the scene as a skinny sophomore at Bellaire High in the Houston area, Oyedeji has been known for his hustle and quickness. While he's added some strength, he's worked particularly hard on improving his skill level and thinks that it's starting to show.

"I feel that it's coming along real well," said Oyedeji of his skill level. "I have a consistent jumper from the free throw line now so that helps me a lot against bigger guys. I'm also learning to better use my quickness."

Oyedeji also admits that he has the advantage of regular workouts with John Lucas. Whenever he shows up, the rising senior knows that he can count on a gym full of high school, college and sometimes even pro stars.

"Every time we go in there we are going back and forth with pros and college players," said Oyedeji. "It helps out tremendously."

One of the top big men in the class of 2010 who has yet to give a commitment, Oyedeji reels off an impressive list of suitors when asked which schools he's considering.

"Texas A&M, Oklahoma, UCLA, Arizona State, Georgia Tech, Baylor, and Arizona are pretty much the schools," says Oyedeji when asked who is recruiting him. "I feel pretty good with the list I have."

As for Jeff Capel's Sooners, the Houston big man says that most of his contact has been with one of Capel's top aides.

"It's really been coach Taliaferro recruiting me a lot," Oyedeji told Sooners Illustrated. "He's been talking to me a lot and they really want me to come to Elite camp."

The big man also mentions a connection to the Sooners thanks to a couple of guys he's played with in the summer.

"Also because I've played with Tiny (Keith Gallon) and Tommy (Mason-Griffin) the last year it helps," said Oyedeji. "If I were to go there I could probably come in there and bond quickly."

In no hurry to make a decision, Oyedeji is hoping to mix in some visits to places like Arizona, Arizona State and Georgia Tech in conjunction with events that he's attending over the next month. After the summer, he'll decide on where to visit and will be looking at a few important areas when he does make a decision.

"My relationship with the staff is important," said Oyedeji. "Playing time is big too, I don't really want to have to sit on the bench for two years. All of that and then skill development and how much they can help me improve."

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