Manvel QB one to watch in 2011 class

It's never too early to start checking on the future with today's football stars. SoonersIllustrated made a few rounds for spring and checked in on a few players. While on hand at the Houston Texans 7-on-7 tournament, we caught up with junior quarterback Dexter Foreman.

Being a part of a new football program is something that some view as special because many times these athletes came be integral in the traditions set forth at the school. And when precedents are there to be set, a levelheaded leader will need to be in the equation for team success.

Well when a program has a player like junior quarterback Dexter Foreman in the mix, success can't be too far out of reach. Coming off their first season and graduating the inaugural senior class, Foreman looks to leave his mark and lead his team to greater things in the future.

"As a quarterback and a leader, you always have to be the one who is on point and sharp. You have to be the voice of the team," Foreman said. "I feel I always have to bring my ‘A' game, even though there is always room for improvement. This past season we went 3-6 in our first varsity season with seniors, but we beat a lot of good teams."

The good teams that Foreman is referring to are teams that have been powerhouse programs in the Southeast region of Greater Houston for some time.

"We beat a tough Texas City team, a legendary La Marque team, and we lost to Friendswood by one point and they went deep in the playoffs," Foreman said. "As a first year varsity program, you always want to win every game, but even though we missed the playoffs by two points, I think we did well."

For the 6-foot-3, 205-pound Foreman, his sophomore showing wasn't too bad. He threw for 1,301 yards and 16 touchdowns. He also ran for 296 yards and two scores, which was the leading rusher for the team.

And though Foreman said there are better things to come, that has not stopped the nation's top college football programs from coming by and taking a look. This past spring, the Mavericks decided to not participate in spring football after the rearrangement of schedules due to the swine flu. 

"My coach told me that Texas, Kansas, Arizona, UCLA, Kansas State, Houston, Texas Tech, Colorado, Iowa, Oklahoma, and Miami and many more schools from the Big 12 and the WAC came by to see me this off season," Foreman said.

Foreman said that the preliminary plans are to attend the Longhorn speed and agility camp and a couple of combines. But there is one school he said that will likely see him this off-season. 

"I plan to swing by Kansas State because they show a lot of love, but other than that, that's' it," Foreman said.

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