Matthews hearing out other programs?

Recruiting coverage at SoonersIllustrated is still going as we look to bring fans the latest in Oklahoma recruiting news. We caught up offensive lineman Jake Matthews from Elkins High School in Sugar Land. Check out what he had to say.

Judging from the tones in his voice, Fort Bend Elkins offensive lineman Jake Matthews seems like he would like the recruiting process to end sooner than later. The national Top 100 talent, who is ranked No. 14 at the tackle position by, has gone public about his Top 3 football programs of choice for some time now.

With Texas, USC, and Texas A&M as the chosen schools, is that going to be the bottom line? 

"My offer count is up to 30 plus. I'm pretty sure where I will be going is one of those three," Matthews said. "I have a trunk full of mail at home and I look at the ones from the schools I like and try to keep things basic."

But throughout all of this, have there been any other programs trying to make a way into the final list?

"Oklahoma is still recruiting me pretty hard and I have not had the chance to talk with them much," Matthews said. "I think they really want me to just come up for a first visit to check it out. Coach (James) Patton has come by here (the school) a couple of times."

And while the thought may have crossed his mind a time or two, it seems that ship has sailed.

""I mean, I like Oklahoma and it is a great school, but I don't really see myself going there," Matthews said. "With recruiting, I try to handle the process in small portions. I don't let it overload or overwhelm me. "

Matthews and the Elkins team just finished up their spring training. From last season, he has felt like there have been major improvements in his game

"I have gotten better on my technique and my footwork. I feel like I have the size, the ability, and the athleticism to do better this year," Matthews said. "My main thing was to work on the little things, you know the fundamentals. That will overall make me a better player."

Another factor that has made him a better player is having an all-pro lineman in his home growing up. Hall of Famer and father, Bruce, naturally, has played a major role in his son's development. 

As a father and coach.

"It's pretty crazy. Growing up around football my entire life I've always loved having my family there for me," Matthews said. "I've learned everything from him. Having him as a mentor has been great. Kind of wish he could come to college with me and be my coach there."

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