Woods a Special Talent

Sooner wide receiver target Robert Woods has racked up an impressive offer list for a special combination of skills on and off of the gridiron. He is trying to take his time and look at all of his options before reaching a final decision on what school he will attend and there is a strong chance he will be making a trip to Norman for a visit.

Los Angeles, Cali. -- Robert Woods, a 6-foot-2, 185-pound wide receiver from Juniper Serra High in Cali., did not participate at the Scout.com Combine in Los Angeles, but he was on hand to lend support to a few of his friends that were going through the drills.

"A lot of them I grew up with," Woods said. "I just wanted to come out here and support them. But I know they are all going to do their best."

He had some ideas for he thought could have had the MVP performance.

"The Crespi quarterback is really good. He has nice size and throws a good ball. Paul Richardson is very good. He has hat heart and that fight in him and he is definitely one of the best."

Woods, who pulled down 81 receptions for 1,378 yards and 26 total touchdowns as a junior, reports offers from schools like Notre Dame, Tennessee, Oklahoma, USC, California, Stanford, Nebraska, Arizona State, Oregon, Colorado and Arizona.

Despite having all of that attention he has been able to enjoy the recruiting process, by making some great friendships.

"It has been special," acknowledged Woods. "Just the other day I was talking to Patrick Hall. He is a great one to know."

"All of these guys are great football players, but off of the field they are just great guys to know and to be around. It is a great thing to be able to meet and become friends with some of these players."

The recruiting game can still get overwhelming at times, but Woods just tries to keep it all in perspective with a simple formula.

"School always come first," Woods stated. "(It is) school, football, then recruiting. Because I am only a junior now, so I just set the recruiting behind me for now. When the time comes for me to commit I will put my recruiting first."

Oklahoma State may not be on the four-star wide receivers favorites list, but when looking to inspiration for his football career he mentioned to Cowboys as the players he looked up to the most.

"As a football player I would say I have been looking at Dez Bryant. I like him because he is a good player. He is young and talented and just getting his shine," Woods explained.

"As a person I would say Barry Sanders. He was a great football player with nice feet work and always made those special cuts, but when it came down to it his family came first. Family always comes first."

Woods has made unofficial visits to schools like USC and UCLA and his plan for now is to try to visit the schools in his own state unofficially so that he can use his official visits on the schools far from home.

"Last week I took a trip to Cal. This week I am taking a visit to Stanford. I am trying to get the local schools out of the way, so that I do not have to waste my trip when I can just drive there," Woods began

"As far as the schools go I just want to be able to go out and see them, because each school is different and has a different feel for the players. I want to see each school fits me."

Two schools definitely came to Woods' mind that he would undoubtedly want to see firsthand.

"I would like to see Tennessee and Oklahoma."

Woods was excited that those two programs have made him a priority and to have the attention from powerhouse schools in the Big 12 and SEC.

"It shows that I am a national player and a national recruit," said Woods.

"When I was a freshman we used to talk about how those (type) of schools would not come to California, because they recruit their state. And it lets me know that I am an awesome player, even though there is still room for improvement.

"So when a big-time school like Oklahoma is recruiting me I know I am doing something right."

Woods is a stand out in track and has posted tremendous times in the 200m (21.3) and the 400m (47.15), but he wanted to make sure everyone understands what sport comes first.

"I am a football guy and not a track guy. Some people confuse me that I am a track guy first, but I am a football guy. Football will always come first in sports. Track is just fun for me."

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