Clay Sets Top Three, Schedules Visits

Running back Brennan Clay was one of the top performers at the Combine in Los Angeles and while conducting interviews he acknowledged that three schools have crept up towards the top of his wish list and he has already scheduled those official visits.

Brennan Clay, a 5-foot-11, 190-pound four-star running back from Scripps Ranch High in Cali., was one of the top performers at the Los Angeles Combine on Saturday.

He was not only a great talent on the field in the drills, but he was equally impressive off of the field and did a great job of representing himself and his high school football program.

"I think it is huge," Clay answered when asked what a good performance at a national event means to him.

"I want to put San Diego on the map and I came out here with one of my teammates (Kyle Greenwood) who plays safety and hopefully we both performed well and represented our school well."

"It was unbelievable. There was a great deal of talent out here and hopefully I performed well."

Clay has had schools from coast-to-coast come calling with scholarships. While he has received a ton of opportunities for himself he is hopeful that the attention he has received will help other players in the high school program, much like the way the recruitment of high profile QB Tate Forcier helped him a year ago.

"Tate (Forcier) did it for me," Clay began. "He put me on the map and he was telling people about me constantly, constantly. I thank him for that deeply. I just think it is just a blessing to be out here and perform and put myself on the map and then have coaches come through and see other players so that they can get somewhere for themselves."

"I always in the weight room pushing my teammates, but we just want to get better as whole, so that we can win another Championship next year."

Forcier, who is now at Michigan, is battling for the starting job. Clay would love to see his friend battling it out in big games on Saturday afternoons in the "Big House".

"That would be a great deal," beamed Clay. "If I see him start next year it will blow my mind. I believe he can do it. I say that confidently. It is so weird to think that I played with him last year. And he is doing well and I knew he was going to do well because he is a hard worker and I wish him nothing but the very best."

Forcier had a great opportunity at Michigan to come in and start right off of the bat, but when looking at his own decision making process Clay admits that his main criteria for selecting a program will be the comfort level.

"As a school as a whole it is going to come down to how the team is and how I feel about the coaches," Clay informed. "If I do not feel comfortable with them then I am just going to go ahead and X them out right there and then on the spot."

"And the community. I mean you are going to there for four or five years. I think that it is going to be a really tough decision to make. You are going to have to factor that out and really with all of the school I have I do not have any problem with the top choices that I have."

Three schools have already crept to the top of Clay's wish list, and he has already scheduled official visits to see all three programs.

"I would say my top three right now are going to be Oregon (Sept. 5 visit), Oklahoma (Sept. 12 visit), and Michigan (Sept. 19 visit), because those are the three schools that I have set up an official visit with," explained Clay.

"Those three have made a big impact on myself and I think everything is going to go well with those three choices. I would say close behind are Stanford, Cal, Oregon State, ASU, and both Washington's. I am just going to take my time and sort it through."

If it feels right then Clay will not hesitate to pull the trigger on a commitment while he is on one of those visits. "I believe when I visit there bar none that I have no problem committing on the spot, if I feel at home and feel comfortable. If I do then I will make my choice and stick with it."

"And I promise to try my best to do well at whatever school I go to."

As a junior, Clay became the first player in San Diego history to receive and rush for over 1,000 yards. He had 1,055 yards receiving on 70 catches (six TDs) and 1,486 yards rushing on 170 carries (27 TDs). Clay also had two touchdowns off kick-returns. He says he can bench 310-pounds, squat 425 and has a 33-inch vertical jump.

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