Cobbs Enjoys Stop in Norman

The Oklahoma Sooners had a major visitor on campus this morning when Demarco Cobbs stepped out on to the field to participate in the one-day elite prospect camp. Because of his versatility it was interesting to see which position group he worked out with. He discussed that and more with SI shortly after leaving campus…

Demarco Cobbs, a 6-foot-2, 200-pound athlete from Tulsa Central High has been offered by major colleges to play a wide variety of positions.

He has been offered at quarterback (where he plays in high school), wide receiver, safety, and running back, and some schools have even said that the could possibly grow in to an outside linebacker by the time his body is done developing.

Heading in to Saturday morning's camp session I wondered if the Top 100 member would work out at wide receiver or safety.

The morning session of the OU football camp is broken in to two portions.

The first portion allows the players to work out on offense or defense.

The second portion allows them the opportunity to showcase their skill on the opposite side of the ball.

My question was answered when the first session started as Cobbs, who was joined closely by OU receiver coach Jay Norvell, headed off to work with the wide outs.

In the first part of the camp the campers go through a number of drills to get the blood flowing and work on some footwork, but while he looked the part Cobbs admitted he did not feel like his traditional self.

"In the beginning I felt a little sluggish, because we had got up early and get on the road and we did not even get to eat or anything," Cobbs explained.

It did not take long for Cobbs to put it together. He came on strong when getting to work on specific drills with coach Norvell and then again in the one-on-one drills.

"I got the second wind and it was on," Cobbs began. "I really enjoyed myself."

After the first portion of camp practices ended Cobbs had the opportunity to flip over and work on some defensive drills.

But once again he chose to go and work with coach Norvell and the wide receivers.

"I loved being around coach Jay Norvell and seeing how he operates things and the different routes that they use in their offense. It was pretty fun and just coming up there makes me feel a bit more comfortable, much more so than when I felt before I came up for camp."

Throughout the rest of the session heshowed why he was considered as the consensus number one player in the state by making some impressive plays against a solid group of defensive backs that included players like Aaron Colvin and OU commit Eddrick Loften.

"It was really my first time to get to really get to work out like that at receiver and go through some of those drills," admitted Cobbs. "I never really get to work on those drills or compete in the one-on-ones because I'm the QB."

OU head coach Bob Stoops came over and watched Cobbs go through some of the one-on-one battles.

"He got to see me catch a few passes," Cobbs explained. "He was just letting me know how things were going. He asked me how my summer was going and just how the spring was. He said that they are still excited about me and that they want me."

Cobbs has at least couple of more stops planned for this summer.

"Tennessee is my next visit and then I am going to go to the USC camp (Rising Stars)," Cobbs informed. "I am excited to go to USC to see what it is all about and see some of my family."

Cobbs played quarterback last season and finished his junior year with over 1,000 yards passing for 20 touchdowns. He also rushed for approximately 1,000 yards for another 10 scores. Cobbs also ran back two punts for touchdowns, two interceptions for touchdowns and one kick return for a TD.

He benches 305-pounds, squats 400 and has a 32-inch vertical jump. Cobbs also runs track (10.62 100m/21.9 200m).

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