Florida WR has Sooner interest

Recruiting coverage at SoonersIllustrated is still going as we look to bring fans the latest in Oklahoma recruiting news. Trinity Catholic wide receiver Kadron Boone from Florida talks a little recruiting. Check it out.

If there is one thing that is consistent with Trinity Catholic wide receiver Kadron Boone is that he is standing by his statement to wait out the recruiting process. With sound advice coming from prominent family members (Devin Hester, alumnus from Miami; former Florida linebacker Earl Everett) who have been through this yearlong recruitment years ago, Boone is able to put things into perspective.

So Boone will take his time to make sure he "does not over look" any programs that have extended an offer to him. That list is up to 27 Division I programs seeking his services for 2010.

He just got back from one of camps at the time of the interview.

"I just got back home from the Florida camp. I think I did pretty good," Boone said. "It was a lot of guys going hard at each other trying to impress the coaches. I like to challenge the DBs. The (Gator) coaches had a few corners they put me up against to see how I would do against some of the best. Over all, it was fun to compete and I had a good time."

With the Florida campus being only 45 minutes away from Boone's home, does that give any advantage to the home-state Gators?

"No, there is no advantage and nobody has and advantage. I am open to all," Boone said. "I don't even think about favorites right now. I want to start narrowing my schools down, but just want to be right and take my time. For now, I'm just going through my workouts trying to get stronger and faster."

Just to name a few: Miami, Texas Tech, Georgia, Oregon, Clemson, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Duke, South Carolina, Southern Florida, and Tennessee are just 11 of his college options.

And while he said that he does his best to try and keep in touch with as many coaches as possible, Boone recently reached out to one program that he said stays on top of getting him pertinent information.

"From Oklahoma, I am being recruited by coach (Jay) Norvell. I try and stay in touch with him as much as I can," Boone said. "Many times we can't catch each other by phone so we email a lot. But the last time we talked he told me how impressed he was with my video and how my style matched their style of play."

Boone finished his junior season with 51 catches for 1,287 yards and 19 touchdowns. He has held a Sooner offer for some time, but has yet to make it out of state for any camps and or unofficial visits.

But for the meantime, Boone said that Norvell keeps him in the loop with what is going on, and has gone on in Norman.

"Coach Norvell does a great job in getting me information about Oklahoma," Boone said. "There were things I did not know like the high graduation percentage, the number of players they send to the NFL, and just their entire academic background. It's quite impressive."

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