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At Sooners Illustrated, we look to bring you the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on Sooner athletes and prospects. Today we have an interview with prospect Kenny Stills from California. Check out what he had to say.

There may not be any rush, but there is somewhat a sense of urgency when it comes to La Costa Canyon (CA) wide receiver Kenny Stills' recruitment. While he has sort of narrowed his focus to a preliminary Top 8 schools, he plans to take it one step further in the next couple of months.

And while he feels like he is not ready to give a verbal commitment, one may have to come sooner than he initially expected.

"I plan to make a commitment sometime between September-November, which would be the latest," Stills said. "You know, I plan on graduating in December so I will need to have made my mind up before then. I really want to take my time to look over everything, but I know that I really can't ride it out too long."

Good thing for Stills is that he has at least some sort of blueprint as far as focusing on select programs. Oklahoma, UCLA, Florida, Tennessee, California, Penn State, USC, and Stanford are some of the schools out of the 20 that are being considered a little closer than others.

Of the schools listed, the 6-foot-1, 175-pound Stills has seen all of the schools in California plus Oregon and Boise State. But make no mistake about, Stills does not feel confined to the geographical borders of California.

In fact, he feels like it is time to see a little more of the country.

"I actually kind of want to get away from the West Coast," Stills said. "I want to get out on some officials and see some of these schools that are football based, you know a college town. "

A couple schools that initially came out soon after that statement was Oklahoma, Florida, and Penn State, three places that he for sure wants to see officially or unofficially before making his decision.

"Going through this process has made me appreciative and I enjoy it a lot," Stills said. "I feel fortunate for a lot, but it does feel good offers from the two teams that played in the national championship game last year."

With that said, the recruitment from both of those programs have been heavy. But for one of the schools, he is hearing all the good from more than one end.

Sort of like an unplanned, double-team effort.

"Coach (Jay) Norvell emails me everyday and my good friend (recent Oklahoma commit) Brennan Clay talk about Oklahoma to me quite a bit," Stills said. "Oklahoma is a Big 12 school and they sling the ball around a lot out there. I know that there is a lot of exposure for the wide receiver position and I feel I could make an impact there because they distribute the ball to a lot of guys."

Stills briefly reflected on the day that the call came through for the offer.

"I was hanging out with my boys and Brennan called me and asked me if I had called the coaches," Still said. "So I decided to give them a call (thinking I was just going to get some information) and coach Norvell was on the phone and told me that there was an offer on the table to come to Oklahoma. I was in awe.

"It also made me feel good when he told me that they will do what they need to do to get me down there. He said we don't want you, we need you and we plan to get you the ball when you get here."

As a junior at La Costa Canyon, Stills had 58 receptions for over 1,300 yard and 17 touchdowns.

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