Focus 2011: J.W. Walsh

Denton Guyer quarterback J.W. Walsh is starting to receive some major attention, as he performed well at camps stops at Oklahoma and Texas. He has also helped his team qualify for the 7v7 State Championship. Check out this report for more info on this talented class of '11 gunslinger…

J.W. Walsh, a 6-foot-1, 185-pound quarterback from Denton Guyer High in Texas has helped guide the Wildcats on to a berth in the State 7v7 Championship in College Station.

"Great! We've played real well," Walsh said of his team's performance in the 7v7 this spring.

After successful camp stops at Oklahoma and Texas there is no doubt that Walsh will be receiving some major attention over the next year or so as he picks up offers and tries to decide what program fits him the best.

"Good," Walsh said when asked about the recruiting process.

"It's a fun process but it's also early right now. So, kind of taking it step by step, but right now the most important thing for me is just focus on the (Denton Guyer) Wildcats right now and not recruiting"

Walsh says that he did not grow up as a fan of any particular program.

"Not really, kind of just, I was a band wagon guy. I always just liked the #1 team."

Guyer had a strong 2008 campaign, and Walsh has set some lofty expectations for the '09 season.

"To win the State championship, that's it right there," Walsh exclaimed when asked about his goals!

Walsh was one of the quarterbacks who really stood out when throwing the ball during Oklahoma's elite prospect camp and the Sooners are definitely one of the teams that has caught his eye early on in the recruiting game.

"Oh yeah definitely, lot of interest there, lot of tradition and a lot of good football so it's hard not to like them," stated Walsh.

Sooners Illustrated's Greg Powers contributed to this report

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