Lewisville 7v7 Scouting Report

Sooners Illustrated's DFW analyst Alex King was back out on the 7v7 scene this past weekend scouting out potential high school players who could be donning a crimson and cream jersey in the near future. Check inside for his exclusive scouting report from the event…

Chris Barnett - 2011 TE (A Maceo Smith) - Chris is a big time talent at tight end. He made ton of plays at the Lewisville 7-on-7 tournament on Saturday. He is 6'5 about 245 and can run. He played linebacker on defense yesterday and had an interception that he almost took back to the house. That play alone showed me that he has good speed. Now let me just say that when Chris elevates, it's game over for the defender because he is so big and long and he has long arms. He had multiple jump balls in the end-\zone that he caught every time it was in a place he could get to it. He has really good hands, I didn't see him drop one ball yesterday. Overall, I was really impressed, he stood up to the billing that I have been hearing about him being a "beast". I wouldn't doubt if he is ranked as the best tight end in the state of Texas next year.

David Jenkins - 2011 S (Hebron) - I didn't even know who David was but I turned around on a corner route being thrown in the end zone. David made a great play to break it up and almost had a one handed interception. As I started to watch him more I could tell he is the best player on the Hebron defense, in my opinion. He is around 6'1 probably 190lbs and looks like an athletic safety. He has speed and can cover. He has all the athletic ability to be a big time safety. I spoke with his coaches and they said "David is gonna be a big time safety somewhere." They said: "He can run, cover and he also will lay you out." One of the Hebron coaches told me that David took out two of their biggest players on offense in the spring game. Unfortunately, David got injured on a jump ball halfway through the first game and was not able to participate any longer. David to me was a player that I think has all the potential to be a "BIG TIME" safety and I will definitely be making plans to see more of David in the upcoming season. Other than Chris Barnett, David was the best looking player out there in my opinion.

Eric Agbaroji - 2011 CB (Midlothian) - I was able to see a little bit of Eric and came away wanting to see some more of him in the future. The very first play I saw of Eric, the wide receiver was running a post route and Eric undercut the route for an interception, was impressive. He was playing both ways so he was running out of energy chasing his receiver around. Eddie Johnson was not at the tournament so it appeared Eric took his place at receiver, which speaks volumes for the kind of player he is. He appears to be around 6'0 or 6'1 about 180lbs. He has good hands as he made some plays on the offensive side playing receiver. All in all I would like to see more of Eric in the future to see more of how he is when he's more focused on just playing corner.

LaDarrell McNeil - 2012 S (A Maceo Smith) - First, let me just say you can tell by watching Darrell that he is a head hunter. He was making contact even though he wasn't supposed to. He appears to be around 5'10 - 5'11 about 185-190lbs, but keep in mind he will only be a sophomore this year so he has plenty of time to grow. One thing that took me by surprise was that he was telling other defenders on his team where to line up and what they needed to do, that's not normal for a soon to be sophomore. He had one play where he dropped back into his coverage and undercut a curl route that he intercepted and almost returned to the house. He has a physical presence about him on the field. I am ready to see him in pads and see what he can do. I spoke with his coach (Chris Barnett's father) who played with Rodney Harrison at Western Illinois and he said he is every bit as good as Rodney was right now. Darrell is someone to watch for in these upcoming years (Scout.com expert Baron Flenory says that McNeil could be the best safety prospect in Texas for '12).

J.W. Walsh - 2011 QB (Denton Guyer) - I only saw JW for a minute as by the time I arrived at the field he was playing at the game was almost over. He was doing like he always does, delivering bullets and nice accurate throws all over the field. J.W. is just one of those quarterbacks that grabs your attention. I'm excited to see more of him at the State tournament in two weeks.

James Myles - 2011 RB (Stephenville) - James is one of those running backs that can do it all. Any time his team needed a big play James was the one who made it. The play that drew me to him was a jump ball in the corner of the endzone.The ball was thrown with a little bit too much air and I thought it was going to sail out of bounds. However, James out jumped the cornerback and hauled it in for a touchdown. You don't see a running back make a play like that too often that is 6'0 and 220lbs. Later on he made another play between a double team where he tipped the ball between the defenders and still made the catch somehow. I spoke with his coaches and they said "James just always makes plays." They also said he runs in the 4.5's in the 40. James is a great kid and has a great smile. Something about him tells me that he could also make for a good outside linebacker with his ability.

Labarron Dudley - 2010 CB (A Maceo Smith) - Labarron is not the biggest wide receiver/ cornerback out there but he gets the job done. He is probably around 5'9 170lbs. He had a play where the receiver got behind him in the endzone, however Labarron looked back elevated and adjusted in mid air to make the interception. Dudley has good hands, decent speed and can jump. In my opinion he is a better cornerback than receiver prospect. I would like to see Labarron a little bit more as well as I think he has plenty of athletic ability to become a pretty good corner prospect.

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