A 5-Star Whiff

While the business of scouting football prospects has become more and more widespread, there is still the inevitable prospect that slips through the cracks. 2009 Oklahoma signee Tavaris Jeffries is one of those guys.

While there are more resources and more eyes than ever scouting prospective student athletes across the country, there are still over 1 million high school and junior college football players out there to choose from and inevitably, some players don't get scouted as extensively as others.

At least that's the excuse I'm going to use when talking about 2-Star Oklahoma Signee Tavaris Jeffries. At 6-5 and 320 pounds, Jeffries is a right tackle for his Coahoma Community College team that is tough to miss. 

It was on his first play from scrimmage against Itawamba that he got my attention and became what I like to call a "one play offer" guy. The description should be fairly self explanatory; one play is all you need to see of him to realize he's worthy of a scholarship offer. One play offer guys usually end up with four and five stars next to their names.

Jeffries is a mountain of a man at a listed 6-5/320, but he didn't play overweight last year for Coahoma. He was extremely quick on the ball, and he just erases the defensive end on pass protection and moves him out of the way on running plays.

Even with his height, he still gets extremely good leverage, and his hand placement is such that he can control his man without holding. He's a rock in pass pro and a bulldozer in his run blocking. His leg drive and leverage are all outstanding. I believe he's agile enough to stick at tackle for Oklahoma, but I know he's strong enough to be a dominating interior lineman for the Sooners.

For much of the game, Jeffries was matched against 4-Star Pernell McPhee and dominated the more heralded prospect.

While not all players rated two stars are players Scout never got a chance to evaluate, I know that's the case with Jeffries. I fully expect Jeffries to be a player, as soon as this year, who when look back at his profile ask "how the heck was this guy only two stars?"

Answer --- We missed.

Jeffries is big time and was a steal for Oklahoma for the Class of 2009.

See him in action last year vs. Itawamba:

#74 RT Tavaris Jeffries

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