A Package Deal?

With the commitment of Torrea Peterson, the Sooners now have two defensive tackle commits along with Daniel Noble. So SI.com made a few calls and got a hold of Jatashun Beachum to find out if he was still in the mix to sign with the Oklahoma Sooners next season.

Jatashun (pronounced - Jau - Ta - Shaun) Beachum, who says he is 6-foot-2 and 260 pounds, at the moment, plays quarterback at A. Maceo Smith High School in Dallas, Texas.

It's not too often you see a player the size of Beachum playing quarterback, however, he hasn't been doing too much playing as of lately.

"I tweaked my ankle in a 7v7 tournament," Beachum explained. "I should be able to start back up next week."

While he has been out of football and trying to get his ankle back to feeling better he has put his focus on other things that are more important.

"Chillin with coach and trying to get my grades right," Beachum stated.

Beachum states that he will be joining Chris Barnett (2011 TE) on a few visits in the upcoming weeks.

"My next visit we will be going to Kansas on the 13th (of July)," Beachum states.

Beachum visiting Kansas in the near future is no surprise considering who is in his top three.

"Kansas, Oklahoma, and Oregon," Beachum said about his top 3 choices.

Beachum has Oklahoma in his top three even though he states he hasn't been in contact with them as of late.

"Nah, I haven't spoken with them in a while," Beachum said.

Even though Beachum says he hasn't spoken with Oklahoma in a while he states him, Chris Barnett and a few other teammates will be visiting Norman to check out what the Sooners have to offer soon after their visit to Kansas.

Just like their visits, Beachum and Barnett seem to do everything together as it appears they will most likely decide to play college football at the same school together.

"Wherever I go he'll go," Beachum informed. "Yeah, it's a package deal."

Beachum likes having Barnett as a target to throw the ball to especially when you consider how big and athletic Barnett is.

"He's (Barnett) a big kid," Beachum stated. "He just jumps over everybody and catches the ball, I mean I like him. He's like a brother to me. I just come over to his house and chill with him all the time."

Beachum is ready for the season and is also closing in on making a decision, which he already has a date set for.

"September 1st," Beachum closed.

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