Catching up with Daniel Noble

With recruiting being a long ongoing process and prospects committing left and right, it's easy to lose sight of the players that are already on board to be Sooners in the 2010 class. So decided to catch up with Daniel Noble to see what he has been up to since his commitment to the Sooners earlier this year.

"I went to the (Oklahoma) spring game and that was pretty cool," OU's first commit for the class of 2010 Daniel Noble from Flower Mound Marcus High School began.

"And during the summer I went up there and visited again. I've pretty much just been chilling and focusing on high school football," Noble continued. "It was a pretty exciting time there committing to Oklahoma. I got to see the campus a little more and got some of the academic stuff taking care of."

Noble explains how it was quite a few things that blew him away and helped him to make his decision to become a Sooner.

"It was so much better than anything I ever imagined," Noble said. " I like how it was kind of in a smaller town and the facilities were real close together, I really enjoyed that. And I loved the way the campus looked. And I guess really the program and all the coaches," Noble explained.

Noble, who currently stands at 6-foot-4 and 280 pounds, states that him and Coach Jackie Shipp have stayed in contact since his commitment.

"I call him (Coach Shipp) every once in a while just to keep updated. I'm thinking of visiting later this month probably again," Noble stated.

Being from the Lone Star state one would think Noble would get harassed for wanting to be a Sooner. However, it appears to be the opposite for Noble as he tries to stay focused on the task at hand for this upcoming season.

"I've gotten noticed by like newspapers and stuff, it's been pretty cool, but I'm trying to stay focused on high school football right now," Noble said.

Noble is confident when describing the kind of defensive tackle he is. And listening to his description, it's easy to see what Coach Jackie Shipp saw and wanted in the four-star prospect.

"I'd like to say I'm a hard nosed, tough, blue collar kind of player," Noble said. "I like to play till the whistle blows, I never give up. I'm a good run stopper. I think I have a good power game and can fight through double teams," Noble described.

Noble's description of himself makes it easy to see that he is a tough player, but even being tough couldn't get him out on the football field during this past spring.

"In spring football they wouldn't let me practice because I had mono. I wasn't allowed to hit or do anything like that," Noble said. "I'm alright now." had to ask if Noble had heard about the recent commitment of Torrea Peterson, a defensive tackle from East Central High School in San Antonio,Texas.

"No I haven't," Noble said. "Coach Stoops said they were after someone but I didn't know what happened there."

Even though Noble hadn't heard about Peterson's commitment could hear the excitement in his voice to see what kind of player Peterson is in the future.

With his commitment behind him, Noble has his goals ready for this summer and his upcoming senior season.

"I just want to get in the best shape possible for the upcoming season and do the best I can for my senior year," Noble stated.

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