Jefferson has some "official" ideas in play

Recruiting coverage at SoonersIllustrated is going strong as we look to bring fans the latest in Oklahoma recruiting news. Today, we talked to one of California's best, Tony Jefferson of Eastlake High School. What new with Tony? Check it out.

While Eastlake (CA) linebacker Tony Jefferson is going hard on the recruiting scene, what his doing to get ready for his senior football season is much more intense. 

"I have been working out hard this summer. I hit the weights twice a day," Jefferson said. "I do a workout on my own and I have a personal trainer. Other than that, I have been enjoying my summer."

And apparently, taking his game to the next level is a priority. The only camp the 6-foot, 200-pound Jefferson has attended was the Rising Stars Camp at USC

A point had to be made while he was there.

"There was a lot of competition at the USC camp and I feel like I had something to prove," Jefferson said. "I came to ball and I wanted that to be known. When it comes to playing, I am not looking at rankings of other guys and things like that, I come to play ball and that is it. I think I did well out there."

As for recruiting, Jefferson has a good game plan put together. He holds more than 25 offers, but has a solid idea about how things will go as far as interest and visits. 

In fact, he is in the process of lining out his official visits for the 2009 football season. Two have already been determined.

"I have official visits set up for Florida. I will go see the Gators play Tennessee on September 19," Jefferson said. "With Oklahoma, I will go see the Red River Shootout on October 17 against Texas. I plan to visit them officially as well. I am still trying to get the dates worked out for Michigan and Notre Dame."

According to Jefferson, this is not necessarily a top list or anything of that nature, but these schools clearly have his attention more than others.

"It was very hard deciding on where I want to go for my official visits. There are so many great programs out there," Jefferson said. "But I had to look into things closer. I mean all of these coaches are telling you all of the things that you want to hear. You have to feel them out and see who is being real and truthful with you. 

"I felt liked the schools I named had coaches who told me the real things. That and it came down to could I see myself playing with this program and getting a degree from this school."

One of the schools that were mentioned was the Oklahoma football team. Jefferson has had an offer from the Sooners for some time and still sees them as a top option.

In fact, Jefferson's relationship with Oklahoma is twofold.

"My relationship with the coach staff is really good, but I am also good friends with (Oklahoma commit) Brennan Clay," Jefferson said. "I knew he (Clay) had interest in them, but I did not know it was that strong until he committed. He tells me a lot of good things about the coaching staff and he is comfortable with them. He told me how nice it is up there on game day and all of the fans come to game. I like that."

Jefferson has an equally good relationship with assistant coach Bobby Jack Wright.

"I just talked to coach Wright about a week and a half ago. He was checking in on me," Jefferson said. "When they (Sooner coaches) came down to see me this spring and said they were impressed so they keep in touch with me. Coach Wright and talk about a lot of things, but he lets me know how Oklahoma plans to use me."

For Jefferson, the safety position is how he will be used, but will also come off the edge quick a bit in blitz packages. Last season on defense, Jefferson had 88 tackles (12 for loss) and four sacks, while offensively he rushed for 1,376 yards and 28 touchdowns.

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