Wilson Goes In-Depth about OU

On Tuesday the Sooners received a commitment from Southmoore athlete Julian Wilson, who is going to be a key addition to the 2010 recruiting class, and SoonersIllustrated.com caught up with him for an in-depth report about his feelings towards the program…

On Monday night just one day before Julian Wilson made a commitment to Oklahoma he admits that he was not entirely convinced that he would be making a final decision while on an unofficial visit to tour the OU campus on Tuesday.

But the 6-foot-2, 190-pound athlete from Southmoore High in Okla., got a different feeling while maing the short drive down I-35 from Moore to Lindsey St. in Norman.

"I got the feeling as soon as we were arriving at the stadium," Wilson informed. "Just being around the town I said to myself that this is where I need to be. After I got that (feeling) I thought to myself that I just need to commit, because I did not get that feeling at any of the other places. This is where I need to be, and after everything in the meeting went well it was not a shock that I was going to commit."

Wilson is looking forward to playing under OU DB Coach Bobby Jack Wright.

"I look real forward to playing under him," said Wilson. "I got a good feel for him during the week that I was there. He gives 100 percent and he shows his attitude at camp, so I know where he is coming from and I like that."

After meeting with him on Tuesday's unofficial visit Wilson's parents also believe that coach Wright will steer him in the right direction.

"Coach Wright had an answer for every question that they asked and he answered them truthfully and did not lie about anything. That gave them a great feel about them as a coach. I had already felt great about him, but he answered every question for them and kept it real and my parents really liked that about him."

When the first report rolled out on Wilson's recruitment this January he did not have a single offer, but after a stellar off-season he received offers from both schools that played in the BCS Title Game when the Sooners and Gators stepped up.

"It felt good," Wilson said of the offers from the national powerhouse schools. "It felt like all of my hard work paid off. I went in to this off-season with something to prove and I feel like I got better, faster and stronger, and it showed at the camps I went to. Colleges took notice of it. I feel blessed to have the talent to be able to do that. I took my work ethic to another level and I was not going to be satisfied with anything less than an offer."

Shortly after a four day camp run at OU and while traveling to Gainesville, Fla., To compete at the Gators camp Wilson sent a text message to SI to inform that he was not going to receive an offer from the Sooners.

Little did he know the OU staff was trying to reach him to tell him the good news that he was indeed being offered, but he was still able to use his discouragement as motivation at the Florida camp stop.

"I did not get down, because I felt like I deserved the offer, I was surprised, but at the same time I was glad that all of my hard work paid off," Wilson began as he explained how it all worked out. "When I got it I felt real good about it, but at the same time I kind of expected it after all of the hard work I did. If they did not offer me I was not going to let it get me down. I was going to keep on working hard (to try to earn one).

"At Florida I did not show any mercy on anybody. I played with more of a chip on my shoulder than I played at OU. I pretty much played like I was robbed, and everybody I lined up against was my rival. I did the same thing at OU, but there was more of a chip at Florida knowing that I had just spent a whole week working hard and I did not come out with an offer (he thought at that time), so in that one day at Florida I was going to make sure that I was going to have an offer."

Wilson plays both ways in high school, but he is being recruited to play on the defensive side of the ball at Oklahoma.

"We talked about that," Wilson informed. "As far as that is concerned there is no doubt that I will be on the defensive side at either corner, free safety, or strong safety. He said I am versatile and that I will move around and see where he and I think the best fit for me at. As far as everything goes I am pretty sure that I will get the first sure shot at defense."

Wilson believes that a strong off-season will help people realize he is a player that does have a defensive mindset.

"My junior film really gave a lot of people the wrong picture of me, but I am glad in a way because I can show people the improvements that I have mad at the camps and all that," Wilson stated. "Now I have a lot more football knowledge and now I am coming down hill and I just have the mind set that I need to make every play."

Long story short Wilson wants Sooner fans to know that he will come up and knock your face off if need be.

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