Rodgers: From B team to big time

Recruiting coverage at SoonersIllustrated kept rolling from the Texas state 7-on7 tournament. While there, we caught up with Kacy Rodgers of Carroll High School in Southlake, Texas.

Some programs have the luxury of identifying athletes at a young age. But in the case with Southlake (TX) Carroll defensive back Kacy Rodgers, it may have been a bit difficult to get on the national radar early. 

But no worries. Once he got his shot to make big things happen as a junior, he made the most of it. And judging from the success he is seeing on the recruiting front, one could never tell the difference.

"I definitely wasn't expecting recruiting to be like this for me. I mean I spent most of my high school on the ‘B' team and last year was my first year on varsity," Rodgers said. "After that it (recruiting) was all a shock to me. I'm blessed for all that I have, but I just try and keep my head down (humility). You don't want to get the big head because (bad) stuff can happen and you just never know."

For now, there is not a lot (if any) of bad stuff going on in the Rodgers camp as the 6-foot-2, 183-pound athlete has 24 total offers from many of the country's elite programs. And while the list is much too long to run off, Rodgers talked about a few of the places he has seen.

And many others he would like to check out as well.

"We've seen Ohio State, Notre Dame, Georgia, and Duke this summer. All of them have nice facilities," Rodgers said. "When you have powerhouses like those it really comes done the people because all have nice things and top-notch stuff. I have to a look at the people who are there.

"Definitely the schools I have visited are getting a closer look, but schools Miami, Florida, and Oklahoma are a couple others I want to check out as well."

With that said, the time is counting down on the day Rodgers will give the final word. Early July was his target and may still be sticking to that.

Of the three schools left on the list that Rodgers wants a closer look, one is the Big 12 powerhouse Sooner program.

So where does the Sooner program fit into his plans?

"I definitely see Oklahoma as a solid option. I mean they were just in the national championship so you can never look past a school like Oklahoma," Rodgers said. "I talked to coach (Bob) Stoops a couple of times, but I look to get back in touch with them (Oklahoma coaches) soon and hopefully get another visit up there. I went to the junior day and there were a whole lot of people so I didn't get a lot of time with the coaches. 

"That is one of the reasons I want to go back and see it all again."

Rodgers said that what he did see was quite impressive when he tripped to Norman. He wants to get back and said he looks to do so. 

But one thing is for certain, all 24 schools in the mix are vying for a versatile player who has the potential to play anywhere in the defensive backfield. But the cornerback position is what most recruiters want.

"Most of the schools want me as a corner, but some say I could be a safety," Rodgers said. "They want to use me as a big, physical boundary corner. I think I am just an overall physical player. I can cover all types of receivers and my size helps me do that. I like to do press coverage to reroute receivers."

How does Oklahoma plan to use you?

"With Oklahoma, I think I would be used as a corner. I think the coaches want me as to be that big, boundary corner who can make a lot of things happen," Rodgers said.

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