Texas 7v7: The Top 10

Sooners Illustrated was out covering all the action at the Texas State 7v7 Championship and there were a number of elite players, but there were some prospects who were just plain ridiculous. In this feature Greg Powers and Alex King both take a stab at naming the 10 best college prospects in the tournament.


10. Aaron Benson (2010 LB, Cedar Hill)
These 7v7 games do not usually give the linebackers any types of opportunities to shine, but Benson was put in some tough situations and came out well in his coverages. If there were pads you would forget about even running some of the plays that were completed in the middle of the field. He is the perfect fit for defenses that are starting to try to protect against the new age spread offenses.

9. Kacy Rodgers (2010 CB, Southlake Carroll)
Going in Rodgers was not necessarily a prospect I planned on paying much attention to because I did not think he was on the OU radar, but Carroll is always worthy of some attention. I ended up watching two games and in the right defensive system he could really shine. I like him as a boundary corner or as a coverage safety.

8. Jordan Jolly (2010 WR, Elkins)
I like Jolly or Tomball's Jordan Leslie for this pick, and I went with the player who I thought had the most athletic ability and upside. Leslie looks like a finished product (physically) now, but with his athleticism Jolly could really be a special player. His vertical has got to be through the roof and he also has sure hands and cuts on a dime. His upside as an MLB player could be why he does not need a wheelbarrow to tote around his offer papers.

7. J.W. Walsh (2011 QB, Denton Guyer)
Walsh just looks better and better every event that I see him at. Physically he almost looks like a completely different kid that I saw standing on the sidelines (injury) when I went down to watch Guyer play Rider last season. He has great poise, an above average arm, and wastes no time in getting rid of the ball. Another bonus is that he is a real leader in the pocket an on the sidelines and he enjoys that role. He just has that combination that you look for to lead your offense.

6. Damian Payne (2010 CB, Klein Forest)
Payne played both ways and Klein Forest struggled to get wins, but I love physical cornerbacks and Payne fits that bill. One of my all time favorite players from the 7v7 was Kip Edwards, and that is kind of who Payne reminds you of, except he probably has better recovery speed. He is probably one of the most college ready players in the tournament. It is hard to believe that he slid under the recruiting radar as long as he has already. Look for him on top recruiting lists real soon.

5. Quincy Aldridge (2011 WR/S, Whitehouse)
Aldridge really grabs your eye because of his physical presence and long frame, and then when you watch him run… He is lightning quick on the first two steps and many times he was past his man and down the field before the quarterback could get in to a drop. He was also impressive in coverage when he went out on to the field on defense. You can tell he is just a fierce competitor and he will likely take that nasty disposition and make one hell of a safety prospect.

4. Adrian White (2010 CB, DeSoto)
Watch DeSoto for a game or two and you will start to notice a trend. Teams just do not throw the ball on White's side of the field. David Porter made a TON of plays on offense, but how can you put a real value on a guy that top receivers on other teams seem afraid to line up against? His break on the ball is amazing and he has tremendous hips.

3. Trey Metoyer (2011 WR, Whitehouse)
Like many great ones Metoyer has that special something that you are just not able to teach and that is the ability to make the tough plays look easy. He does some amazing things so effortlessly. He looks fast, runs precise routes, and has athletic ability to catch the home run ball. It was hard for many teams to match-up with the one-two punch of Metoyer and Aldridge, but overall I like Metoyer a little better as a prospect, He should be a Top 100 guy.

2. Herschel Sims (2011 RB, Abilene)
I watched Sims on exactly one play and then made up my mind that he was going to be a special, special talent. He blew past a defensive back and then put about three moves on a safety before blowing past him without being touched. It made me think of a young Barry Sanders. At that moment I wished I had been holding a camcorder instead of a camera, just so I could show people how impressive it was. There was not a player in the tourney that could have covered him one-on-one.

1. Lache Seastrunk (2010 RB, Temple)
I have never been sold on Seastrunk as an elite level prospect and some of my colleagues in the scouting game will assuredly be very surprised to see me select him as the overall top talent at the event. But I am now convinced. I always wondered about him between the tackles, but he has added some great weight to his frame and has not lost one step. He is so fast. To think what he would be able to do in a spread offense is just scary. He could split out wide and make plays at receiver or be a home run hitter out of the backfield. Think DeMarco Murray, but dare I say faster…


10. David Jenkins (2011 S, Lewisville Hebron)
Jenkins was placed heads up with Seastrunk the whole game after Seastrunk scored on the first play. A task he didn't do all alone however he did help slow Seastrunk down and without Jenkins Hebron would have been in trouble. He displayed good speed and cover skills and on one play came from across the field to intercept a go route intended for Seastrunk, a play that helped Hebron defeat Temple.

9. David Porter (2011 WR, Desoto)
Porter most likely had the most catches out of any receiver at the tournament. It seemed like he was open on every play as he was Desoto's go to guy, opponent knew this but still couldn't keep him from catching the ball. Porter will be a player to watch this season as I believe he will make for a good slot receiver in a few years at the next level.

8. Stephen Williams (2011 RB, Round Rock Stony Point)
Williams was Stony Points go to guy throughout the tournament. Williams caused matchup problems for his opponents with his speed. He had multiple big catches and numerous touchdowns that helped earn him tournament MVP.

7. Lyndell Johnson (2011 S, Plano East)
Johnson was seen making plays all over the field this past weekend. He is a big safety prospect at 6-foot-4 and 190 pounds which obviously stood out along with the speed he displayed. Johnson played a major role in helping to defeat Whitehouse who had Trey Metoyer and Quincy Aldridge playing in that game.

6. Jaxon Shipley (2011 WR, Brownwood)
Shipley was hands down the best player at the tournament for the smaller schools. He displayed good speed, good hands, good route running ability and just a knack for making big plays. Shipley is a talented player who has the ability it appears to be as good or better than his brother Jordan was coming out of high school.

5. J.W. Walsh (2011 QB, Denton Guyer)
Walsh was once again impressive like always, as he was hands down the best quarterback at the tournament. Walsh displayed his impressive talent as a young quarterback picking defense apart like they weren't even on the field at times. Walsh showed all weekend long why he will once again be a top player in the state next season.

4. Herschel Sims (2011 RB, Abilene)
Sims looked great out there at the tournament as he displayed great speed and really good hands. He looked natural catching the ball while he lined up at receiver which was also impressive watching him run routes. Watching Sims you could tell he was a game breaker as he made numerous plays all weekend long.

3. Trey Metoyer (2011 WR, Whitehouse)
To me Metoyer was the best overall wide receiver at the tournament. He was uncoverable from what I saw, out jumping double teams for touchdowns, running past double teams for touchdowns. Metoyer has a natural ability at receiver that just keeps your eyes glued to him and he had my attention the entire tournament.

2. Lache Seastrunk (2010 RB, Temple)
Seastrunk was the the biggest matchup problem at the tournament in my opinion defeating double teams left and right. He displayed his speed in multiple games blowing past players with good pursuit angles like it was nothing. Seastrunk was unbelievable and lived up to the billing I expected to see out of him.

1. Quincy Aldridge (2011 WR/DB, Whitehouse)
I know you are saying how can Aldridge have been more impressive than Seastrunk, but in my opinion, Aldridge was the most talented player at the tournament. He was by far the most versatile as he was unstoppable at receiver with his size and speed, locked down opponents best receiver when asked to at corner and made multiple plays at safety throughout the tournament. Overall, Aldridge was the most impressive player at the tournament.

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