Lake Joins the Family

Oklahoma received some bad news yesterday when linebacker target Corey Nelson committed to Texas A&M, but today the news was all good again as the word came in that Jarrett Lake has joined the fold as commitment 16 for the class of 2010.

Jarrett Lake, 6-foot-2, 205-pound linebacker from Jenks High in Okla., came out to watch close friend and current Oklahoma defensive back Gabe Lynn work out, but he ended up leaving campus a member of the Sooner family himself.

"I got up to OU around one o'clock and I was basically just going to watch Gabe (Lynn) work out and get a feel for how they work out, how fast it is, and how crazy coach Smitty (OU strength and conditioning coach Jerry Schmidt) and thing like that," Lake began.

"Coach Venables found out I was going to be up here to watch the workouts. We met with him and I got the chance to talk with him and he basically just threw it all at me and said that he really wanted me to come play for him and that he did not just see me at one linebacker spot, but there was an opportunity for me to play all three linebacker spots. He told me that there was an opportunity to play three different positions."

"One thing led to another and once he explained to me the depth situation and who he was going to be losing and who he was trying to bring in I just fit perfectly in to the equation and I just told him that I wanted to be a Sooner!"

Lake feels like he needs an opportunity to play early to help drive him towards the path to success and that was a huge factor in his decision making process, and he feels like he does have that chance at OU.

"He said there was a great chance for me to come in and get some playing time early and that was a thing I was looking for in a college was the chance to come in and get some playing time as a freshman and be able to get my playing time and get my reps in early," Lake informed. "That was a big ‘A' for me."

Lake is happy that he will be reunited with Lynn on the next level in crimson and cream jersey.

‘It is going to mean a lot to me," Lake admitted. "We are going to be able to play together and we are going to be able to have our father (Tyrone Lynn) come and watch us like he watched us in high school. It is going to mean a lot to me to just be right there with him.

"He helped with my recruiting process. Throughout the whole recruiting process we had the idea that we wanted to play together, but he always told me to go where I felt the most comfortable at and where I felt that I had the most opportunity to play. That is all that it was."

Lake and Lynn have had the unique opportunity to train together and use each other to make themselves better on a daily basis and that will continue on the next level, except now they will be playing on the same side of the ball.

"We not only went up against each other in practice, but when we would lift we would with each other and make each other stronger and make each other better," Lake said of the duo's time together at Jenks High.

"I am not going to lie in practice when we would go up against each other in one-on-ones or seven-on-seven it was World War III. We would be physical with each other and not necessarily fight with each other or get mad, but just try to make each other better. At the end of the day it was just all love and we would just sit down and talk about it all with our dad. But then the next day it would be all over again."

Lake likes the fact that the Sooner football program will give him the opportunity to take his game to an elite level, and he feels that competitiveness in the program is what draws many recruits in to the fold.

"Of course you see they have the Championship, but I think it is the overall intensity (that draws recruits in)," Lake said. "You see the intensity in practice and the intensity in the weight room and just the overall attitude of the players. They just bring a real intense feeling to the field and the coaches just really know how to get things going and keep things moving."

"The overall intensity and the overall attitude is just amazing and I think that is what brings a lot of the recruits in. They want to come there and they want to work and at the same time they know that it is going to be challenging for them and at the end of the day it is going to pay off."

Lake Gives Thanks: "I just want to thank my family, Gabe's father, I want to give a big thanks to him for just taking the time and seeing that I could play linebacker. Just all my family and friends and coaches at Jenks. Just big ups to everybody involved."

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