Red River Battle for Johnson

While at the State 7v7 Tournament this past weekend in College Station, Tx, had a chance to see some talented players. One of those players was Lyndell Johnson out of Plano East High School.

Lyndell Johnson out of Plano East High school stood out this weekend. Not just because of his size, at 6-foot-3 and 190-pounds, but with his play as well. He made plays all over the field and looked like a veteran at the safety position, which is surprising considering he's only played the position for one year. Johnson however, states he has enjoyed the position change from playing quarterback.

"I love it," Johnson began. "At first I didn't like it because I want to play offense and I wanted to run the team. At safety I can do the same thing making bigger and better plays over there."

Johnson had the chance to play against Trey Metoyer and Quincy Aldridge during the tournament this past weekend. He took full advantage of the opportunity making plays that helped Plano East defeat Whitehouse and the electrifying junior duo.

"It feels good to me cause it showed them what I'm made of," Johnson explained about playing against Metoyer and Aldridge.

Johnson has already begun to work on trying to improve his skills at safety so that he can earn some more looks from schools at the next level.

"Yes sir," Johnson began. "I've been going to some camps and just been working out hard, lifting and trying to get faster for next year so I can be seen even more."

Johnson has attended a few camps and plans on attending more in the future.

"I went to Oklahoma, Texas, Houston and I'm looking forward to going to TCU," Johnson said.

While at the Oklahoma camp, Johnson believes that he did well and was also able to display his speed.

"I did pretty good," Johnson stated. "I got my forty down to a 4.45 and when I ran it at school it was a 4.46. So I'm doing pretty good."

At the Oklahoma camp Johnson was able to work with Coach Bobby Jack Wright, who he obviously seemed quite fond of. It was also an opportunity Johnson says he was able to learn from.

"I loved him," Johnson said about Coach Bobby Jack Wright. "I had a problem with staying low so I'm working hard to get better at it."

Johnson already has a top three, well sort of, but it seems like it could be yet another ‘Red River' battle for this big safety prospect.

"My main one is Texas, Oklahoma and I want to go to TCU so I guess I could consider TCU but my main top two is Oklahoma and Texas." Johnson explained.

Johnson tells what he likes about Texas, which could also explain why he liked playing quarterback so much in the past.

"My favorite player was Vince Young," Johnson stated. "I just always loved Texas cause that's my dream (school)."

Johnson obviously has a major interest in the Sooners as well. However, it seems that for the moment Texas may have a slight edge on the Sooners.

"I love Oklahoma too. If I had to choose out of them I'd probably go with Oklahoma, nah I'd probably go with Texas," Johnson switched as he wrestled with indecision.

I just wouldn't want to play against Oklahoma but it's the Red River shootout. So I guess we have to so it don't matter."

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