Sims Sees Sooners

After only a couple of days after the 7v7 State Championship ended, Herschel Sims was right back on the road to visit the Oklahoma Sooners campus. caught up with Sims earlier tonight to see how the visit went.

Herschel Sims, 2011 RB out of Abilene High School visited the Oklahoma campus today along with Abilene head coach Steven Warren and fellow teammate, 2011 Safety prospect, Darius Joseph. Sims was on his way home from the visit when was able to reach him and Sims had nothing but good things to say about the visit.

"It was pretty good," Sims began. "I had a great time with coach Gundy. He showed us a lot around the campus. It was interesting and I liked what I saw."

Sims is being recruited by Coach Cale Gundy and even though it's early in the process, Sims states that they are already starting to build a good relationship.

"Yes sir we do," Sims said about him and Coach Gundy having a good relationship.

"We're starting to build a good relationship. I give him a call like once every other week, to tell him how I'm doing and see how he's doing and how everything is going down there. Yeah, he's a great guy.

With the State 7v7 tournament just ending a couple of days ago one would think Sims would want to have a few days to rest. However, he has wanted to see the Oklahoma campus for a while now it seems.

"I had this (visit) planned for a while now," Sims stated. "I was planning on coming to one of the camps but I wasn't able to. So, Coach Warren told me that he would take time to take me down there one day just to hang out and see how it is down there."

Sims seemed to really like the overall atmosphere and community around the campus.

"Oh yeah I like it a lot," Sims began. "It's just what I expected, a great environment. The players seem to love it and they don't have a problem with it. I could tell they have fun doing what their doing, so yeah I liked it a lot."

While Sims was visiting he was able to see some of the team workouts and see some of the players.

"Yeah I watched them workout a little bit and then towards the end I got to talk to a few of them," Sims explained. "So, it was pretty fun."

Sims was able to speak with RB Chris Brown and TE Jermaine Gresham and seemed to be wowed by the two future NFL players.

"They look like monsters out there," Sims said. "It was pretty good, they told me they like it a lot."

While SI.Com was texting Sims about setting up the interview it noticed that he has a sig on every text he sends that reads "ALLDAY 23", so we thought we'd ask him about it.

"Adrian Peterson is my favorite player in the NFL and he is a great guy," Sims stated. "He went to Oklahoma so Coach Gundy knows what he is doing with the running backs. He's a guy I look up to and hopefully I can be as good as him if not better one day."

While visiting Sims was able to hear what the Oklahoma coaches want to see out of him in the future.

"They told me to keep working hard and hopefully if I stay interested in them and they like what they see, then there wouldn't be a doubt that I would be able to go there or have a chance to go there," Sims explained.

"So we will see what the future holds for me and take it from there."

Sims had the chance while on the visit to sit down with the head man of the Sooners, Head Coach Bob Stoops. Stoops took the opportunity to show Sims the hardware Oklahoma has earned in the 10 years he has been coaching the Sooners.

"Yeah we actually sat down in the office and talked for a little bit and talked with him for a while," Sims began. "It was fun, he showed us like this chest like thing with all his rings and watches from the previous championships. And he talked to us about how they worked down there, what they are capable of doing, and what kind of players they look for. So it was fun talking to him and getting to know him a little bit better."

Oklahoma did nothing to hurt its place as Sims favorite team.

"Oh yeah they've been my top (team) for a while," Sims said. "I always liked them, yes sir!

Oklahoma is Sims favorite team but aren't the only team to receive a visit this offseason. Two teams from the Lone Star State have also had the opportunity to show Sims around their campuses.

"I went to Texas a couple of weeks ago like last month I believe," Sims said. "I was going to go to a camp there but I wasn't able to go then cause we had a 7v7 tournament. So instead of doing the camp I just viewed the campus. And then besides to do my track meet I viewed the Texas Tech campus. So that's pretty much the only three."

Now with this visit behind him Sims plans to take it easy with the recruiting scene and get ready for the upcoming grind of two-a-days.

"I'm taking it slow just getting ready for the season and whatever comes for me later on down the road then we will see how it goes from there just play it by ear," Sims explained.

"I'm focusing on the season right now getting ready for two-a-days cause that's coming up pretty soon."

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