Stuck in the Middle...

It's that time of year when fans are starting to analyze the schedule more and more every day and figure out which games are locks, which ones are the most intriguing or difficult and just which ones are the potential upsets that could ruin a perfect season.

Sooners Illustrated has now given you the three "sure" victories on the schedule, as well as the three most intriguing games that await the Sooners in 2009.

Part I: Cupcake City...

Part II: True Tests...

Now, it's time for three of the sleeper picks, teams that the Sooners could unexpectedly slip up to this year.

3. Oct. 3, 2009 — At Miami
If there were a top four most difficult games on the schedule, this one might be on that list as well. So, the reason this one could fall as an upset is not necessarily the level of the opponent, but the location of the game on the schedule. The Sooners have two fairly easy games in the two prior weeks in Idaho State and Tulsa, so if they aren't ready to play in their first road environment of the year, they could easily lose this one in upset fashion. OU and Miami restored an old rivalry in 2007 when they met in Norman, and the Sooners scorched the Hurricanes 51-13. If the Sooners come out simply going through the motions, planning to destroy Miami similar to their last meeting, they could trip up. Miami has fielded some really good football teams over the years, and if this is the year they break out of their recent slump, OU could easily have trouble.

2. Sept. 5, 2009 — Vs. BYU in Arlington, Texas
What more of a shocking way to open up the ‘Jerry Dome' than a major college football upset, right? Surely, that's what most of America will look for, and that's what could happen if the Sooners don't bring their A-game against a formidable opponent in the first contest of the season. BYU was only a win or two away from a BCS bowl a season ago, so they have some significant talent. In terms of likelihood, there's not a huge chance it will happen because OU has the Cougars so outmatched. But it's certainly a challenging opener.

1. Oct. 24, 2009 — At Kansas
The Jayhawks are by-and-large the team to beat in the north with returning senior quarterback Todd Reesing. Kansas is only a year removed from a remarkable run to the Orange Bowl, and they still have a ton of talent around from that team, including Reesing. The location and time of this game are the two reasons the Jayhawks could shock the Sooners. Unlike last year, the Jayhawks get to host the Sooners. Like last year, on the other hand, this one falls the week after OU faces Texas. It's a prime time for an upset, especially if the Sooners are too high off a victory over the Longhorns.

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