Focus 2011: Jackson Getting Looks continues to bring coverage from the State 7v7 tournament from College Station, Tx last weekend. This time Sooners Illustrated caught up with Driphus Jackson, 2011 quarterback from Cedar Hill High School.

Cedar Hill is absolutely loaded with talent going into next season with guys like Aaron Benson (Texas), Adam Shead (Oklahoma) and Ben Malena (Texas A&M). Driphus Jackson is a talented young quarterback and is the leader of the offense, though while at the 7v7 tournament, Cedar Hill struggled. Jackson took time to explain their struggles and playing against some top talent in J.W. Walsh, 2011 QB from Denton Guyer.

"We're doing alright you know, we did bad our first game," Driphus began. "We're holding up good. We're 0-2. I put the first game on me. I threw an interception that changed the momentum of the game. The second game against Denton Guyer, they got a hell of a quarterback, J.W. Walsh. He's out of my class; you know he's real good. We're new to this; we're not used to being so passive. In 7-on-7 it's so passive and we're a physical team so it's hurting us, but it's gonna help us out."

With so many talented players already committed to go to rival schools in the Big 12, Jackson says his teammates are always getting into it with each other.

"Aaron (Benson) and Adam (Shead) are always getting into it cause you know when the Red River Rivalry comes around you know, one, Texas won and then Oklahoma," Jackson stated.

"With Ben (Malena), he's kind of caught in the mix of it cause he's gonna go to A&M and they play against each other a lot during the season."

Last year Cedar Hill lost to Wylie 31-21 in the 4th round of the Texas 5A state playoffs. Jackson had 204 yards of offense at the half but had only 25 yards of offense in the second half. It is a bad taste you can tell Jackson hasn't gotten out of his mouth when talking about his goals for this upcoming season.

"State Championship," Jackson responded confidently. "I mean take it a step at a time. You know, district, then win the first playoff game. And from there on to state, that's our main goal. With me being the underclassmen last year I feel like I let my team down in the fourth round to Wylie. After we lost that game I felt like I didn't contribute in the second half to help my team out, to put us over. And this year I told myself I'm gonna get stronger, faster and bigger to help my team out. We don't want any upsets and I don't want it to be my bad anymore."

The recruiting scene has already begun for Jackson and he informed what schools he has been receiving some attention from early on.

"Texas, Texas A&M, OU, Kansas, Kansas State, Tulsa, Iowa, UCLA, Nebraska and Baylor, I think that's a few of them," Jackson said. Even with the national attention Jackson has received he still believes he has more to prove to show he has the ability to play at the next level.

"It's going good," Jackson stated. "I'm getting a lot of looks from a lot of different schools. It's not much right now because they can't really communicate with you because I'm a sophomore. I know coming into my junior year, I'm not saying I'm going to expect the recruiting to pick up. I think when I show that I'm capable of playing on a D-1 level then the coaches are gonna come out."

Jackson states that he is 6-foot-even, 6-foot-1 with cleats on. He weighs 182 to 183-pounds; he is trying to put on more weight and runs about a 4.6 forty yard dash.

Jackson attended the camp that took place in Norman about a month ago.

"I attended, you know it was fun you know I was with ‘Coach H', Coach Heupel," Jackson stated.

Working out at quarterback Jackson had a chance to work with quarterbacks Coach Josh Heupel and was able to learn a lot from the former "great" Oklahoma quarterback.

"He taught me a lot," Jackson began. "A lot of the things that I'm doing out here are things that he taught me while I was at the camp. He taught me that I need to start getting my shoulders to my target. And I need to continue my follow through. Get the ball up and get my elbow above my shoulder when I throw the ball."

Jackson participated at the camp at quarterback. However, he wished he could have played a little more at another position.

"I wish I could have stayed a little longer you know I would have played a little more at receiver," Jackson said. "I didn't have any pads so I couldn't have played at receiver but you know I think I could have showed them something as far as receiver goes."

Jackson tells that while some schools want him to play quarterback, some schools aren't too sure where he will play yet.

"Right now, they have me labeled as an athlete at a lot of programs. I got a few programs like Baylor and Nebraska that want to recruit me for quarterback. As far as all the other schools I think they recruiting me as an athlete.

Jackson knows he may not play quarterback at the next level but seems ready to take on a new challenge at a different position.

"Receiver, either receiver or quarterback," Jackson said. "It depends on, when I go to a school I'm not gonna be worried about it. When I go to school I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be redshirted so I'll be focusing on my academics. I want to be a computer engineer so I got to see how they teach in that field; you know how they look in that field."

Jackson doesn't exactly have a top 3 at the moment but does say what he will be looking for to help him decide his top schools.

"I mean I'm really just gonna go with who's showing me the most love at the time," Jackson said. "Texas invited me down to their spring game. Oklahoma invited me; you know that would be a real long drive. Its fun you know it will be fun. If I had to name three schools I would probably say in no particular order it would be between Texas, OU and Nebraska, or maybe UCLA. I mean I really don't know."

Jackson says what interests him the most in the schools he listed.

"The programs, I mean not the program name," Jackson began to explain. "I mean everybody wants to play at the next level, everyone wants to play in the pros. I look at the scouting report at who they send out (to the NFL). And what position is mainly recruited for at that school."

Jackson talks about what some of his schools he likes are really known for recruiting for well.

Texas: "I mean I know Texas is big on lineman, quarterbacks and receivers."

UCLA: "UCLA is big on receivers and quarterbacks."

Oklahoma: "Receivers, quarterbacks, lineman, you know defensive backs."

"I know all about that so that's really what I'm looking at as far as position wise when I go to a school," Jackson said.

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