Williams a Big 12 Kind of Guy

With what seems like never ending coverage from the State 7v7 tournament from College Station, Texas, here is another interview. This time with 2011 RB Stephen Williams, who performed so well at the camp that not only did his team, Round Rock Stony Point win the tournament, but he also ended up winning tournament MVP.

Round Rock Stony Point has playmakers all over the field on both sides of the ball. On the offensive side of the ball though, Stephen Williams is the "playmaker".

Williams, is an athlete who is 5-foot-9 and 172-pounds, states he runs a 4.4 flat forty, which also helps him be able to play all over the field for the Tigers. Williams can play running back or receiver as he excels catching the ball, and has the speed to play either position.

With that kind of ability you would think colleges would be all over him already. However, Williams states he's not receiving much serious attention at the moment.

"No serious things that I would know of," Williams said. "I'm definitely trying to put myself out on the radar."

Williams wants everyone to know that he is open to anywhere.

"Everyone has a fair chance," Williams began. "I like UT (Texas), Texas A&M, Tech, Utah and stuff like that. Everyone has a fair chance though you know, again."

Even though he left them off the list Williams states he does have interest in the Oklahoma Sooners.

"Oh yeah," Williams said about having interest in the Sooners. "Like I said, fair chance for everyone, Big 12 big time, good program there."

Williams explained to SI.com what makes him interested in the Sooners.

"Oklahoma has always been a big school, there always on TV you know in the central Texas area," Williams stated. "So, definitely being a big team in the Big 12 is good, and the teamwork and stuff they do there, so definitely!"

It's obvious when looking at some of the teams that Williams listed what conference sticks out the most to him. And he had no problem letting the recruiting world know which conference it was as it seemed he believes that's were he belongs in the future.

"Yeah I'm a Big 12 guy, definitely," Williams said. "Definitely in Texas, Round Rock being in the central area so it's right around everything, so it's good."

Williams has been out on the camp trail trying to get his name out there.

"I've gone to Texas and I went to UTEP camp," Williams explained." "I believe I did pretty well, yes sir!"

Other than attending camps, Williams also has been working on his skills to get better for next season.

"Foot work is what I have been working on a lot, of course my hands, and always staying on top of my speed," Williams said.

With as much talent as Stony Point has on their team it is easy to want to talk about the same talented players all the time. Williams on the other hand, showed what kind of team player he is by mentioning the guys that may not get talked about as much.

"Everyone on the team works really hard even if there not the most talented they still try hard. You know everyone wants to achieve and go to state. That's what we work for; we take one game at a time. But, whenever we get the opportunity to get better, we definitely do so," Williams stated.

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