Sunday commitment for Colvin

With the recent announcement that Aaron Colvin would be making his decision on Sunday, Soonersillustrated was able to get in contact with Colvin for an update. Look inside to find out what the situation is with Colvin after James Haynes out of West Orange Stark made his commitment to the Sooners earlier today

After some strong performances at multiple camps this summer Aaron Colvin's name became well known to college coaches around the country. He began to receive multiple offers from Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Missouri to name a few. After that he went on a few visits to Oklahoma and most recently to Missouri. 

Colvin talked about his recent visit on Tuesday to Missouri. 

"It went great," Colvin began. "The coaches were all very friendly when I came in. I didn't know what to expect because I've never been up there before. It was a great visit." 

On the same visit with Colvin was Xavier Smith, CB out of North High school in Edmond, Ok. Hearing that one might think they may be friends and went up there together. However, that's not the case as Colvin talked about Smith's decision having an effect on him. 

"Nah, we just met on the visit actually," Colvin said. "I could tell he was going to commit and I could tell that he loved it up there. It really wasn't that big of a deal as far as from my stand point, but that's cool he did go up there because I would know somebody." 

With his decision looming right around the corner Colvin listed his top 4 teams and what stands out the most about each school. 

"Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Tulsa and Missouri," Colvin stated. 

Oklahoma – "It's the tradition part and they win football games. They know how to prepare you to get to the next level. When I went up there I loved everything about it. 

Oklahoma State – "I have a lot of friends up there. They recruited a lot of people out of my last class that I know and that I'm close to. And they are on the rise, as far as the school and coming up to try and be a big program. 

Missouri – "On the visit, I don't really know how to explain it. It was a great visit. All the coaches were very friendly, everybody was actually very friendly. Coach Pinkle knows what he is doing up there and he knows what he wants. I feel like I could come up there and make an impact. 

Tulsa – "I've known them a lot because I'm right down the street from them. Coach Graham he's changing that program around. They have won like 21 games in the last 3 years which is the most in school history. They are definitely coming up to be a big program. They are doing big things up there and I have a lot of friends who are up there to. So they are kind of in the same boat as Oklahoma State as far as on the rise and friends. 

At the moment Colvin is not sure about what time the decision will be made on Sunday but does know his decision will be made on the news (Channel 8 and maybe Channel 6) in Oklahoma City. 
I have a camp in Norman (Sunday morning) and then I'm going to drive to Oklahoma City. I'm not sure where yet but I'm going to make my announcement then." Colvin said 

Colvin explained what he is looking for in a school to help make his decision. 

"I want to be able to make an early impact as a freshman," Colvin stated. "If I can't then I totally understand because I know it's still good to redshirt. I do want to get early playing time though. I want to be in an environment that I love because I'm going to be there for four, five, maybe even three years. So I definitely want to feel like I'm at home. Then the people, you know being around people that are kind of similar to me." 

Quite often in the recruiting process, the parents' opinion and what they want can play a big factor into their kids' decision. This does not seem to be the case with Colvin. 

"They are leaving it up to me really because with all the 4 schools that I have been to they loved as far as with me. They are just putting it on my shoulders with this decision being with me. So they are really just putting their advice in," Colvin explained. 

With the recent commitment of James Haynes of West Orange Stark, who will be playing defensive back when he gets to Norman, Sooners Illustrated wondered if it will have an effect on Colvin and his decision. 

"Nah, not really," Colvin said. "I just saw that actually. I didn't even know he committed until I looked at the (commitment) list and saw that he was. I think he is going to be playing safety up there, but they actually like their defensive backs to be able to play everywhere. I'm not sure if he is going to be playing corner or not but I would probably be playing corner if I went up there. It's not really a big deal."

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