Got plans for Shaw?

Recruiting coverage at SoonersIllustrated continues as we look to bring fans the latest in Oklahoma recruiting news. Here is an update on one of California's top defensive backs Joshua Shaw.

After speaking with Palmdale (CA) athlete Joshua Shaw, it was clear about one particular thing he was looking in a program. And not that he does not have a few things that he wants, but more so what the coaches want in him.

"When I look at a program I like for them to have a plan for me. If there is one thing I do not want is a school recruiting me as an athlete," Shaw said. "I want a program to have a plan for me and have an idea of how they want to use me. I am feeling pretty good about the process and have an idea of what schools I am interested in seeing."

There are plenty of schools recruiting the 6-foot-2, 185-pound Shaw, but USC, Oklahoma, Ohio State, LSU, UCLA, Notre Dame, Tennessee, and Washington stand out amongst the rest. He has already taken in a few camps and unofficial visits, but for now, these schools will likely see Shaw in the near future.

"These are the schools that are recruiting me the hardest and all of them have a plan for me," Shaw said. "They have great coaching staff at these schools and they want me to play cornerback. And that's good because that is what I want to play. 

"I want to try and get out to all these places this fall."

Though he was not for sure when he exactly will make the final call, Shaw looks to decide sometime late in the fall as he will expect to be enrolled for the spring semester.

"I will probably commit in December. And that is when I will be graduating," Shaw said. "I have seen a few guys do this (gradate early) in the past and I think it is a good thing. You know to get in there for spring football and learn the system is great. Plus, I will get an extra semester of classes to and that will help me to stay on track academically."

Of the schools mentioned, the lone Big 12 school, Oklahoma, is one that he looks to still make solid plans with. He has been on the horn quite a bit with assistant coach Bobby Jack Wright.

And there have been plenty of things said that sound appealing.

"Me and coach Wright talk about everything, not just about football. But when we talk football, it's real," Shaw said. "A lot of coaches at schools tell you things, but everything checks out with coach Wright. He told me that I would have an opportunity to come in and compete for playing time. 

"I have seen that eight true freshman have started in the secondary at Oklahoma so I know there is a chance. Plus, they are some senior corners so there will be an open competition. That is a big thing for me as I make decisions on programs."

With his size and athleticism, Shaw said that Wright and the Sooner coaches look at him to be that corner to man up with some of the conference's best.

"They (Sooner coaches) felt with my size they could put me on an island in man coverage against bigger receivers," Shaw said. "With all of the big wide receivers in the Big 12 and the way they throw the ball around, a big corner is needed to shutdown those receivers."

Here are a few stops that Shaw looks to make this fall (unofficial official):
August 6 – Ohio State 
September 5 – Washington vs. LSU
September 12 – Ohio State vs. USC
October 10 – LSU vs. Florida
October 17 – Notre Dame vs. USC

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