Catching up with Torrea Peterson

Sooner Illustrated continues to bring you more recruiting coverage and this time we caught up with defensive tackle commitment Torrea Peterson out of East Central High School in San Antonio.

With offers from Oklahoma, USC, Texas, Auburn and Illinois to name a few, it's obvious that Torrea Peterson was a wanted man. When it came to decision time he chose the Sooners.

Peterson, a defensive tackle out of East Central High in San Antonio, states he may have grown a few inches since the last time his Scout profile has been updated.

"I think I grew a couple of inches," Peterson explained. "I don't know if I'm 6-foot-5 right now, because I've got an uncle that is 6-foot-4 and I'm about an inch taller than him. I'm trimming down right now so I'm at 295."

Lately he hasn't been doing much except pumping iron.

"Nothing really just doing my school workouts, I've been in the weight room you know just things like that," Peterson said.

It seems its paying off since he has gotten his forty time down even more.

"I got it down to a 4.9 (forty)," Peterson said.

In recent years Oklahoma has had some success at recruiting All-American type defensive tackles in guys like Tommie Harris, Dusty Dvoracek, and Gerald McCoy to name a few.

Peterson believes that he could carry on that type of tradition under the guidance of OU defensive tackle coach Jackie Shipp.

"Oh yes sir, I'm talking to him almost every week," Peterson stated just vefore he explained what he liked about the legendary OU assistant.

"His honesty, he's always been real honest with me," Peterson said. "He's always told me how it's going to be when I come in. What the chances I have to start, just things like that, him just being totally honest about the whole recruiting process and about where I stand to play with the Oklahoma Sooners."

East Central is scheduled to open the season against Cibolo Steel and fellow OU commitment Sheldon McClain… Peterson talked about their relationship and put his two-cents on the game.

"Sheldon and I we talk on Facebook on the internet," Peterson began. "He's a real cool guy and I'm getting to know him pretty well. He's kind of quiet when you meet him, but he's a talker. He's trying to prove to his team and even prove to himself that he belongs at OU and he does I've seen tape on him and I played against him last year and he's an absolute beast. I'm a beast too, so were going to try and get that ‘W'. So it's all fun and games but when you put that hat on it's time to play."

Peterson talked about some of his other future OU teammates he has already started talking too.

"Brennan Clay, Chuka Ndulue, yeah he's real cool and Aaron Colvin the newest recruit," Peterson said. "I've just been talking to him a little bit, trying to get that unity before we get up in there."

Its funny hearing Peterson talk about Brennan Clay because they both have one thing in common, neither has seen the Oklahoma campus in person. Something Peterson plans to change for himself soon.

"No I have not been up to the campus yet," Peterson stated. "I think I'm going to take my official visit up there (soon) but I haven't been up there yet."

Peterson talked about the final factor that helped him choose the Sooners in the end.

"The class coming in I was going to be surrounded by some DT's like myself that will help make the defense better as a whole," Peterson began. "A lot of other schools that were wanting me I was going to be the only DT in my class and a lot of their DT's were seniors so I was really going to be the only DT coming in. So I'm coming in with a bunch of DT's and we will try to make the defense better together."

With San Antonio being basically next door to Austin it's hard to imagine the people around Peterson not give giving him a hard time for not being a Longhorn. However even Longhorn fans have accepted it.

"It's been good, a lot of people haven't scorned me because Oklahoma isn't a lesser to Texas it's more of an equality," Peterson said. "A lot of my friends that are Longhorn fans are like, ‘Man I wish you would go to Texas but oh well because OU is a good school'. I haven't really gotten too much trouble about it they know it's nothing personal."

Peterson described what type of defensive tackle he is for the Sooner nation.

"I would say smart, big, and fast," Peterson began. "I'm a big man but I don't consider myself a true big man. I workout with the linebackers, actually the whole d-line works out with the linebackers. None of us run slower than a 5.1 forty so we are all athletic big guys. My coach wants me to play tight end so they keep asking me to play tight end. So I'm big fast and I know I'm definitely strong so that's not a problem. And I'm smart and have a nose for the ball." Last but not least Peterson talked about his goals for his team and himself this upcoming season.

"Number one is playoffs, a personal goal of mine is to make All-State, so I'm trying to get that done. Other than that we're just trying to make the playoffs and go as far as we can possibly go," Peterson explained.

As a junior, Peterson missed four games, but still racked up 18.5 tackles, 3 sacks, and a forced fumble while playing inside defensive tackle and employing a three-technique.

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