RECRUITING: Sooners could be among final two

Louisiana defensive end Vegas Franklin talks about his trip to Tennessee and OU's chances to sign him


JH: How was your visit to Tennessee?

VF: "It went alright. I liked it up there."

JH: What did you think of their stadium that can hold over 100-thousand fans?

VF: "That thing was big and I had a real good time on the visit."

JH: Did your visit to Tennessee improve the Vols chances of signing you?

VF: "I would say it gave me a better image of them and what I am thinking about them."

JH: You take your last visit this weekend don't you?

VF: "I go to Miami this weekend."

JH: How is your recruiting shaping up?

VF: "I have been to Oklahoma, Florida State, LSU and Tennessee. I really don't have a favorite and I like them all. I am going to have to start ruling some teams out and I am going to have to start to try to make a decision."

JH: What kind of chances do the Sooners have of being among your finalists?

VF: "I still like them and they have a pretty good chance to be among my final two. That is going to be very rough to pick a top two."

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