Brown Interested in Oklahoma

Sooners Illustrated continues to work hard to get the best information possible. Today we bring you an interview with Malcolm Brown, a RB out of Byron P. Steele High School in Cibolo, Texas. Brown is a hot commodity for the 2011 season for top schools all around the country.

If you are looking for a running back that can run through you, over you, or around you in the ‘11 class, then Malcolm Brown is your man.

Brown, a bull dozing RB with speed out of Byron P. Steele can show flashes of aggression kind of like a guy with the last name Peterson did a couple years back in Norman.

Funny thing is when the 6-foot-0 and 215-pound Brown who runs a 4.5 is asked what he's been working to improve this summer you can kind of hear a little resemblance to what Peterson would always say.

"I've been trying to get faster and quicker," Brown stated. "I have been working on my footwork and explosiveness. I did pretty good last year but I'm always looking for improvement though."

It's not hard to see that his hard work has been paying off as September 1st approaches Brown talked about what schools have said they will be offering.

"Oklahoma, Texas, TCU, Georgia, and Texas A&M," Brown said.

Other than working hard in the summer Brown has also been on the visit trail.

"First place I visited was Texas A&M," Brown began. "And then I took a visit up to TCU and also to Texas. I went to there (Texas) camp and I went and visited with the coaches, so pretty much an unofficial visit. That's the latest visit I've been too and that was last month."

An interesting fact about Brown is he is a military brat who moved around a lot growing up and didn't get into football until he was in the 8th grade. Brown talked about that and about not having any favorites at the moment.

"When I was a child I wasn't even a football guy," Brown stated. "When I got to Texas I was in 8th grade I kind of started to get into it. And then I got into it even more when I got into high school. So I really didn't have a favorite growing up or anything since I wasn't a football guy."

"And right now, no one is sitting on that top spot, right now they are all just about the same," Brown said. Oklahoma is a team Brown is interested in.

"They are a good school and have good coaches. I like them a lot. They have good running backs and they have my style of running I guess you could say. I'm interested in them," Brown explained.

Coach Cale Gundy and Brown talk occasionally but haven't lately as Brown's focus turns to this upcoming season.

"I call him from time to time," Brown said. "I haven't called him in a while because I have been trying to focus on the upcoming season. I may try to give him a call a little later on this month. It's been a little while since I have talked to him but I call him from time to time."

When asked about the deciding factor for his college destination here is what Brown had to say.

"First of all the education," Brown began. "Their style of running, I want to fit in, I don't want to go somewhere I don't fit it and they aren't running downhill. I need to get a little bit of playing time as well. I prefer going downhill in an I-Formation. I prefer going downhill, I-formation. So I'm going to try and find a school that normally does that so I can go there and do what I do best."

With Sheldon McClain, a 2010 WR commitment to the Sooners being one of Malcolm Brown's teammates we thought we should ask what Brown thought of McClain as a receiver. And Sooner fans should be excited to hear what he had to say.

"He's a good receiver. He has good routes and good hands. He's a nice person. He's as fast as anybody out there. He's a smart guy; he's a total package you could say. He's a big receiver down here so Im sure he will do a good job up there at OU," Brown said.

Not only is Brown friends with McClain but he is also friends with Aaron Green a 2011 RB out Of San Antonio Madison High School.

Brown talked about the two being so highly regarded.

"I am real good friends with Aaron," Brown began. "We talk all the time. We don't really think nothing of the 1or 2 spots in the state next year. We just go out there and work hard. Both of us have been blessed with talent so we try to get the most out of it. Thank the Lord and encourage each other and go out there and help out our teams. We're both trying to make it to that state championship game and do the best that we can.

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