Onyegbule a Big Target

Miles Onyegbule recruitment is off to a nice start. He has solid performances at camp stops at Oklahoma and Texas and then he went on to have a big showing at the Texas State 7v7 Championship. Schools are paying attention and offers are starting to roll in.

Miles Onyegbule, a 6-foot-4, 190-pound receiver from Arlington High in Texas is already receiving attention from a number of the most prominent schools in the country.

"Texas said they will look at me," Onyegbule said when asked what schools could be looking to offer early. "Oklahoma said that they will be there. Texas A&M said it will be there, UCLA. Those are the teams that have said that I was a possibility in the future, but I already have a couple (Oklahoma State, Tulsa and Nebraska)."

Onyegbule has been blown away by all of the early attention.

"It has been crazy. I kind of like it, but it kind of gets to me a little. I am just trying to stay humble. It is fun though, it is."

He made camp stops at Oklahoma and Texas this spring/summer, which helped secure his name on the national recruiting radar at an early stage.

"It was fun," Onyegbule said of the camp experience. "Coach Norvell (OU WR coach Jay Norvell) is nice. He really makes us learn the little stuff like hands and stuff like that. It was fun."

"I went to Texas and it was pretty much the same way. The coaches are really in to their players."

Because of his proto-type frame Onyegbule has always been a noticeable player at every camp, and that attention has made him one of the more talked about players in the "Lone Star State" for the class of 2011.

"Most 6'4 receivers aren't technique on running routes," explained Onyegbule about his strengths. "I force myself to learn like that, the routes and stuff. So I like flipping corners and stuff like that. Stemming them and stuff like that. It is fun doing that stuff."

When talking favorites it looks like the Big 12 schools have grabbed his early eye, but UCLA and some others are still in the mix.

"I would say that Texas and Oklahoma are at the top and then A&M, I would say they are tied," Onyegbule informed. "Oklahoma State is still there. Nebraska is still there. Kansas, TCU, UCLA, and Tulsa."

With a possible Big 12 South battle looking on the horizon Onyegbule spoke about what is so appealing about the Big 12 conference, and the spread offense that many teams are now featuring.

"Well, to be honest I think in the Big 12 that they base the offense around their receivers," Onyegbule considered aloud. "I am 6'4. I may play tight end and I may play receiver. But I just think that there are a lot of opportunities in the Big 12."

"We have been running the spread since I was in junior high. In Texas we work the spread. That is another big thing on my list."

As a junior, Onyegbule hauled in 43 passes for 645 yards and six touchdowns.

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