Open Practice Report

Sooners Illustrated was at OU's open practice on Thursday evening and here is a look at some of the things we noticed while watching the players work out. It was a small sample size, but there were certainly some players who stood out.

* Believe it or not Sam Bradford looked even better than he did one year ago, as he showed an even better touch on the deep ball on the few throws we witnessed.

* The most impressive player to me may have been Jermaine Gresham. He is just an animal. He is technically sound as they come. He has come so far as a blocker and has really evolved in to a complete player at his position.

* Jermie Calhoun looked mighty impressive and made a couple of long runs. He has some kind of frame. He will be a fun one to watch carry the ball.

* Cameron Kenney looked pretty impressive in receiving drills, but he also had the two best punts of the day. The competition from Kenney will at the very least help drive Tress Way.

* Stephen Good and Trent Williams ran center in full team work outs. When watching the OL specific drills Habern was getting in work at center, but so was Good.

* Demontre Hurst looked pretty impressive and was a little longer or you could say bigger than I gave him credit for. He got in a lot of reps.

* Marcus Trice was working out at safety. He made a couple of impressive plays in some of the drills.

* I can see why everybody loves Tom Wort. He is a ball of energy. He attacks so hard that you worry about him taking himself out of plays. He could definitely be a special player.

* Jimmy Stevens looked much more polished. He was a lot more consistent and was booming kicks true down the middle of the uprights. Way also looked solid on most of his attempts.

* Lane Johnson definitely has an impressive frame. He is every bit of his listed 6'7. He got in some hot water for chucking a blocking assignment in a drill, but came right back after that and made a nice block to earn some praise.

* Another receiver that grabbed my eye was DeJuan Miller. He did not make any huge grabs in particular, but looked like a monster going through the drills. I still think he could be a special player.

* It looked like R.J. Washington was running with the two's as the fourth defense ive end and it was a mixture of Auston English, Frank Alexander, and Jeremy Beal running with the one's.

* Austin Box was working hard in practice. He looked really close to 100 percent.

* We all know the strength of the team is going to be the defensive line, but you really can not put in to words how imposing this bunch really is, especially being led around by the great Jackie Shipp, who always has an intimidating look. From the first guy on the depth chart to the last at both tackle and end there are some physical freaks and this unit is benefiting from all of the competition. VERY impressive.

* Tavaris Jeffries was impressive looking at Media Day, but he was also impressive in his pads. I would not be surprised to see him make a real push for a starting spot, similar to what Brian Simmons did one year ago. He moves well and gets out to the next level well to get his secondary block.

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