Barnett Wants to Hear More from OU

Last night SI caught up with Calvin Barnett, 2010 DT out of Booker T. Washington High School out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Check inside to see what Barnett had to say.

Oklahoma has two defensive tackles already committed in its 2010 class, yet there is still talk that they may be looking for a third.

One of the few DT's the Sooners may be looking at is Calvin Barnett out of Booker T. Washington.

Barnett is a big man at 6-foot-3 and he states at the moment he thinks he is now down to 320-pounds.

However, after talking with Barnett it sounds like OU may not be out pounding the streets to secure a commitment from him.

And it sounds like Barnett may be a little bit taken back by it all.

"I don't feel like they are trying hard enough to get me. I don't feel like they want me bad enough," Barnett explained.

Even if his comments may come off to some people the wrong way you will see that he actually does want Oklahoma to become more involved with him moving forward.

"I would like OU to talk to me more because it's close to home," Barnett began to explain. "If I was to feel comfortable there and actually want to go there that means that I don't have to leave home and I don't have to go far. It would help but if that's not what they want to do then it is what it is."

Barnett talked about his relationship with Coach Jackie Shipp even though he will admit they don't talk too often anymore.

"We don't really talk that often but when we do talk it's good," Barnett said.

Barnett has his mind focused on other schools at the moment but he states he doesn't have a top school.

"Texas Tech, Oklahoma State and Arkansas," Barnett stated about the main schools he is looking at.

Barnett also says that he will be narrowing down his choice of school after the third game of the season.

Up until this point, Barnett states he hasn't been on many visits however, he plans to take some sometime during this upcoming season.

"I haven't really been on any visits. I will probably start to go on visits like mid-season," Barnett said.

When talking about the deciding factors you will see that distance may be a factor in Barnett's decision.

"If I'm getting along with the coaching staff well," Barnett said. "How the players react to the coaches in drills. How far it is and how my family feels about it."

In some cases recruits may be from the same school that have been friends and would like to play football at the next level together. This is the case for Barnett and '10 3-star cornerback prospect Eric Bennett.

Even though Barnett seems to realize that the same school may not be the best for each other if they don't feel the same about the school.

"We have pretty much figured all of the main schools we can go to together," Barnett stated. "Right now we could go to the same school together but it may not fit one of us personally. So we will just see how it all plays out."

Barnett, who states he benches 315-pounds, has just been in the weight room working hard as well as working hard in the class room during the summer.

"I've just been lifting and running real hard. And I've been going to night school to try and get my credits up for my GPA," Barnett explained.

Along with being one of the if not the best defensive player on the Booker T. Washington squad Barnett has taken on the role of being a leader for the younger guys.

"Just picking people up when they are down," Barnett said. "And running through the drills and working hard. Setting the examples on the way things should be done. Anybody needing help doing drills just letting them know what's going on and everything."

Booker T. Washington beat Carl Albert 28-17 for the 5A state championship last season. And Barnett has his eyes set to try and go for another one.

"To perform to the best of my ability every down, every minute, and every play. And to help my team to win another state championship."

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