RECRUITING: Sooners still high on XLK's list

Duncanville, Texas DT Xavier Lawson-Kennedy gives us the latest on his recruitment


JH: You sound tired, is it from this past trip and all the stuff that goes with recruiting?

XLK: "Yeah, I am worn out from the process itself."

JH: Since you are getting tired of recruiting, will you make a decision any time soon?

XLK: "I am still going to take my time on making my decision."

JH: Some people feel that you have already made your decision, but are keeping it quiet. Is that true?

XLK: "No. If I did, I promise I would have already said it."

JH: How was your trip to Florida?

XLK: "It was fine. It was just about like all my other visits."

JH: You seem to take a different approach on your visits and you want to find players who are doing there own thing on the visits?

XLK: "I just try to find out what they do when they are living there. When we come there we go out and stay out late and everything, but I know they don't do that on an everyday basis. So when my host does ask me what I want to do I tell him I am with him because I want to see what they do everyday."

JH: Do you have a leader at this point?

XLK: "Everybody is still in the hunt. I am still considering OU, Texas A&M, Florida, Miami and Arkansas."

JH: Is distance a factor at all?

XLK: "Distance isn't really a factor in my decision."

JH: What are your thoughts on OU?

XLK: "They are still tight and they are still very high my list."

JH: What about Texas A&M?

XLK: "I really don't have a favorite, everybody is still very much in the running."

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