Focus 2011: Kameel Jackson

Tonight SI brings you yet another recruiting interview, this time with 2011 WR Kameel Jackson out of Sam Houston High School in Arlington, Texas. Jackson talked about the Oklahoma camp back in June and his interest in the Sooners.

After a strong showing at the Oklahoma camp back in June, ‘11 WR Kameel Jackson has put himself on the radar for Sooner fans to keep an eye on moving forward.

The 6-foot-1 and 195-pound Jackson described himself as an exciting receiver.

"I'm an explosive, play making receiver," Jackson began. "I've got speed. My best assets are making plays really."

His play making ability and his 4.5 speed have obviously been noticed by some of the top schools in the country who Jackson states are going to be offering come September 1st.

"Kansas, Texas A&M, OU, Tulsa, Tennessee and I'm forgetting the other," Jackson said.

With his performance at the Oklahoma camp back in June, Jackson was noticed by the Oklahoma coaching staff and Coach Jay Norvell.

"I had a pretty good camp. I received a lot of good coaching that I took back to Texas with me," Jackson stated. "While I was there I got a good feel for Norman."

Jackson talked a little bit about Coach Jay Norvell and their relationship.

"We have a pretty good relationship," Jackson explained. "We talk on the phone and on Facebook. He is a real cool dude. He's down to earth, real easy to get along with and a people person."

Not only was Jackson able to work with Coach Norvell but also got a chance to work with 2010 five-star Oklahoma quarterback commit Blake Bell. Jackson was impressed by Bell and states they still keep in touch.

"Blake is a real good quarterback and his passes were right on point. We talk on Facebook," Jackson said.

When asked what interest him about the Oklahoma Sooners Jackson had this to say.

"They are a real successful team and program," Jackson began. "You can play as a freshman if you are good enough. I'm going to try to get there and work to see if I can play as a freshman. They spread the ball around. You are around a lot of people that want to win. And there is a good community around you so it's real good."

After reading that answer it could sound like Jackson has Oklahoma at the top of his list at the moment. However, Jackson talked about what teams he would like to receive offers from and talked about one coach in particular he wouldn't mind playing for.

"Ohio State, Michigan and Notre Dame," Jackson answered about what schools he would like to receive an offer from.

"I could just see myself playing for them (Ohio State). I've read the Winners Manual for the Game of Life by Coach Tressel and with a coach like that you really wouldn't mind trying to help get him to the big game. The things Coach Tressel talks about in the book will get you through anything, besides that Ohio State has been a favorite of mine."

"With Michigan, all I'm going to say is have you ever seen their stadium?" Jackson said laughing. Nah but I would love to be a part of a program trying to get back on top. If they (Ohio State, Michigan or Notre Dame) were to offer they would be in a top 4 spot, no doubt."

Jackson also has a brother being recruited at the D-1 level, 2010 WR Kenzee Jackson. Kameel talked about their relationship and how they are handling the recruiting scene.

"We talk about it quite a bit," Jackson said about him and his brother playing together. "He doesn't want me to base my decision off of him. If I want to go somewhere and he doesn't have an offer from them then he doesn't want me to turn down somewhere I really like just so I can stay with him. We talk about our team more than recruiting though."

Jackson talked about the deciding factors for what he will be looking for in a school.

"Team unity and what kind of offense they run," Jackson said. "Really the two kinds of offenses I'm looking for is the spread and the pro-style offenses. How the coaches interact with the players. It really doesn't matter to me if the team is winning or not because whenever I get there I'm going to work regardless."

Jackson had 54-catches for 741-yards and 7-touchdowns as a sophomore for Arlington Sam Houston High.

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