RECRUITING: Pendleton gets advice from above

Sapulpa defensive lineman Carl Pendleton talks about his decision to be an Oklahoma Sooner


JH: You told me last week that you were going to announce today, but you thought then it was going to be at the end of the week. So what prompted you to move it up a couple of days?

CP: "Yes sir. I believe I didn't want to stretch it out any longer so I just went ahead and made my decision."

JH: Last week you were fairly confident that you were going to sign with OU, but in the end it was a tough decision for you wasn't it?

CP: "Last week I did have a good feeling about Oklahoma and then on my visit to Mississippi State I really started to think about things and got pretty confused. I went off by myself, and to be honest, I was dead set on going to Stanford last night. However, I just got down on my knees and prayed and asked the Lord for guidance and he lead me to my decision to the University of Oklahoma. OU is a great school, but I can't explain it any other way today."

JH: So you are saying that it was your spiritual beliefs that lead you to OU?

CP: "Yes sir. I feel it is a place that I can make a difference both as an athlete and spiritually. The Lord led me out of the dark and led me to Oklahoma."

JH: Did the fact that OU has been recruiting you for a couple of years pay off for the Sooners in the long run?

CP: "It is definitely a positive because they are the first school that I have been dealing with and they have stuck with me throughout this recruiting process."

JH: You were very open about your recruiting process and you seemed to take in the whole process. Now that it is done what are your thoughts on your recruiting experience?

CP: "I had a really good time and it was a great opportunity. Any attention is positive and I never viewed it as bad. All in all, it was a great opportunity and just wonderful. You only get one opportunity to be recruited in life and I tried to enjoy it the best I could."

JH: OU recruited you as a defensive end or defensive lineman, so how does your skill fit in with what OU does in the defensive line?

CP: "I think the way I approach the game with the intensity and tenacity I feel fits in with what they have established in their system. I can make a lot of plays in that defense and I can definitely get after the quarterback."

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