RECRUITING: Is Schuler's verbal still solid?

South Dakota offensive lineman Ryan Schuler talks about his recent visits. Is OU still in it?


JH: How did your two visits go this weekend?

RS: "I went to Iowa and Colorado. It was interesting to get a different perspective on everything from different areas and such. Iowa was pretty lively because it was Friday and Saturday, but at Colorado there wasn't a lot going on because it was during the middle of the week and so it wasn't very lively."

JH: You also visited Nebraska and what did you think of that visit?

RS: "I guess they have great facilities and that they are one of the richest program in the country. Their history shows that they have had a good thing going until this year. It is hard to get a good feel on whether they can pull their program out and get it going again or if it is going to continue to head downward. The program is great, but Lincoln isn't anything to write home about. I am not trying to be negative, but there is just something about the place that doesn't give you a great feeling."

JH: Are you still committed to OU?

RS: "Yes. There is no question about that."

JH: So, in you feel you will wind up at OU?

RS: "I felt a final consideration on everything and then make an official announcement this week. I still feel I am committed to OU, but I got a lot of information from my visits and I want to put everything together. I want to talk to OU again and see if what I feel is what they feel. I really can't say if I even like any other school outside of Oklahoma. I can't tell you who is second. The others are kind off lumped together. I just have to sit down and make sure I am doing the right thing and I am almost positive that I am. Each one of these programs are great programs so I can't go wrong, but I just to sit down and make sure I still have that great feeling in my gut about Oklahoma that I have had since the summer. And especially now that I have something to compare Oklahoma to."

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