RECRUITING: Visit closed the deal for RB

Glenpool, Okla. running back Courtney Tennial talks about his commitment to Oklahoma


JH: You led me to believe that you would eventually sign with OU, but nobody thought you would do it this soon. Did you wake up this morning knowing that you were going to commit to OU?

CT: "Yes, I did."

JH: What turned the trick for OU?

CT: "I think after I took my visit I kind of knew that I was going to OU. However, I wanted to take the Northwestern visit to just make sure."

JH: So you knew what you wanted to do on the plane trip back from Northwestern?

CT: "Yes, I did."

JH: What was the biggest selling point about OU?

CT: "I just felt like that OUs academic center and academic program was better than any other program that I have seen."

JH: OU has taken some hits from other athletes who have committed to other colleges about their academic program, but you are saying that it was the academic program that really sold you on OU?

CT: "It was great and I didn't feel like there was anything better in the country. It is the main reason why I went to OU."

JH: You ran a similar offense at Glenpool, so do you feel that you will have any kind of a major transition to make?

CT: "I think it will be a little bit of a transition for me. OU almost has two different styles of running games and I feel I can fit into both."

JH: Has OU become the type of school again where a running back can become a college football star?

CT: "Yes, definitely. With the TV exposure and national publicity that OU gets, any player can get national recognition by going to OU."

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