RECRUITING: Dampeer says one school leads big

DeCatur, Illinois defensive tackle Lawrence Dampeer says one school leads after his latest visit. Are the Sooners still his leader?


JH: How was your visit to Ohio State?

MD: "It was alright and a lot of fun. The experience was nice and enjoyable and it was fun to hang around the national champs. It was interesting to see the things that they get and how they are received now that they are national champs."

JH: Did you visit to Ohio State enhance your thoughts on the Buckeyes?

MD: "In a way it did. I would say that Oklahoma is still my leader, but Ohio State was very nice. Again, Ohio State was nice and I wouldn't say are done in this process, but I came out of that visit still leaning towards OU."

JH: So, you are saying that OU is still your favorite school right now?

MD: "They are number one right now."

JH: What is it about Oklahoma that keeps them at the top of the chart?

MD: "I really can't put my finger on it, but it is just a deep down inside feeling?

JH: You are an attacking defensive tackle. Does the fact that OU allows their defensive tackles to attack up field appeal to you?

MD: "Yeah, I like to get after it and I want to be in a defense where the defensive tackles are getting upfield."

JH: Are you visiting Miami this weekend?

MD: "I am taking my ACTs this weekend, so I may not visit Miami. I am scheduled to visit Purdue the following weekend, but I may not visit them either. At this point I am considering not taking my remaining two visits."

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