Q&A: Trent Williams

The '09 season has brought Trent Williams some change as he has started to evolve in to more of a leader. Williams talks about how the young OL has been progressing and addresses that challenge that was issued to them by Coach Stoops in the spring.

How has the OL progressed?

Trent Williams: "I think the way our OL has progressed this year, just coming from a bunch of question marks and a bunch of people calling us out, I just think our guys took that as motivation to try to get better and to try to prove all of the question marks wrong."

His thoughts on the challenge that Coach Stoops presented this Spring when he called the OL the weak link of the team

Williams: "I took it as motivation. I know it was not a personal shot. I knew coach Stoops was not trying to bash us personally, but I knew he was trying to find that pressure point to hit to make us work harder, because we were pretty sluggish in the spring and we were not doing what we were supposed to. I took it as a driving force to get better."

How did that challenge change the OL?

Williams: "I would not say that nothing has changed, but I think we felt a sense of urgency. We have a Heisman winning quarterback and he don't have the chance to repeat a Heisman run if we don't keep him off the ground. So I think a lot of the guys figured it out mentally and it kind of brought us all together."

Does he feel like Coach Stoops comments put even more question marks on the OL?

Williams: "I think the questions marks were already there, but when Coach Stoops went out and called us out to get us going that I think everybody else just kind of tacked a little bit ore on, but I would not say it added on to it because it was already there. I would not say it added on to it, but it kind of gave it just a tad bit more to talk about."

Has the team started to prepare extensively for BYU?

Williams: "We did our fair share of film. We (are) still trying to get better as a team right now and take care of stuff that we need to take care of right now. We still got a whole, almost, two weeks of time to keep planning on BYU, so we are kinda taking one day at the time."

Are things going to be okay at center?

Williams: "Thankfully we have all of our centers back healthy. We got some talented centers to choose from. Brody really surprised people. We already knew he was a great player and a great blocker, but who knew he could go from tight end to center and be as effective as he has been, so we got options."

What transitions has Brody Eldridge had to make to adapt to the center position?

Williams: "He figured out that at tight end they may do three plays and rotate, but we are in there all of the time, so that is the biggest transition for him. Trying to get in to OL shape, that's what I call it."

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