Loften Lays the Wood!

Thursday night SI was able to make it out to the Irving Nimitz vs Haltom football game to check out 2010 four-star safety commitment, Eddrick Loften. He did not disappoint.

The game got under way a little around 7:00 with a storm approaching off in the distance that would later postpone the game. However the real storm was on the field for Nimitz wearing #3. It didn't take Eddrick Loften long to show Haltom's offense that they better know where he was at all times.

Loften had a big night helping Nimitz secure the 14-13 win by breaking up passes with bone jarring hits. On one play early in the second quarter the running back for Haltom ran an out route out of the backfield but the quarterback released the ball a little early. The ball hit the running back in his hands and popped over his other shoulder and when he got his head around to catch it all he caught was Loften's helmet in his chest. Which had a nice sound too… it sounded that painful.

Later on in the second quarter Haltom had the ball inside the Nimitz 20-yard line. The quarterback dropped back and saw his receiver, who happens to be his little brother, open across the middle. What the QB didn't see was Loften sitting on the route he was throwing. It hit the receiver in his chest on the one-yard line. The catch was not made however because Loften completely destroyed the receiver hitting him in the mouth knocking the ball loose. It was the best hit of the night.

Later, Loften was sent back for the punt return because Haltom was on the Nimitz 40-yard line and the coaches said to get back just in case. The punt went over Loften's head into the end zone but Loften didn't worry about the ball as he had his eyes set on a linebacker for Haltom who was running down the sideline wanting to make the tackle. Only problem was he didn't realize Loften had turned back into his safety form and leveled this kid knocking him off his feet and onto his back. It's easy to see Loften plays with a nasty attitude.

Not everything went well for Loften. One play he peaked in the backfield and the quarterback hit the receiver who got behind Loften for a big gain. Loften didn't let it effect him as he later came up to make a nice tackle on 3rd down on a sweep which helped in the field goal kicker missing what would have been the game winner in OT. Loften used a good pursuit angle and dismantled the ball carrier with no problem for no gain on the play.

Overall Loften showed that he can cover, lay the wood, and played the run very well. He does a good job of breaking down when getting to the ball carrier. He is a sure tackler and a player that will let you hear about it after he is done tearing your head off. His back pedal looks good as he drops into coverage and stays on his toes. Obviously loves to come in and throw his body into you. Loften didn't take a false step the whole night which is hard to believe for a guy that loves to come down hill.

Loften is a thick kid who appeared to be at about 5-foot-11 and a solid 200 pounds. He never really got to display his speed due to not very many big gain plays happened tonight. Eddrick was impressive throughout the entire night and finished the game with 11 tackles, 3 PBU's, and about five big time hits. He has the makings of a big time safety that will look nice in that Crimson and Cream. Sooner fans should be excited about this fierce hitter.

Enemy Report: Reggie Wilson

Another player SI was able to see while out at the game was 2010 five-star defensive end Reggie Wilson. Wilson had a great game and showed why he is ranked so high going into his senior year.

Wilson gets off the ball quick with a quick first step and always seems to make first contact. He does a good job fighting through double teams and disrupting plays in the backfield.

At one point in the first quarter Wilson hadn't done much at all. He then picked up a personal foul penalty for hitting the quarterback late. This was the fire Wilson needed because he turned into a different player after that. The next play he whipped a double team and shot into the backfield laying out the quarterback who was in mid follow through at the time. Let's just say the ball was not completed.

Later on in the game Wilson looked like he felt a little tired and was chewed out for it by one of his coaches who yelled out for him to make a play. Wilson heard the request and followed through. He shot the ‘A' gap right past a double team and wrapped up the ball carrier for what would have been a loss however Wilson jarred the ball loose causing a fumble and Haltom recovered. It was an impressive play showing you that when Wilson wants to he can make a play anytime. Don't let that confuse you with thinking he is lazy and doesn't go all out because he does. He jus got chewed out because Nimitz was driving and the coach was tired of it basically. So, he called on his best player who did what he said.

Wilson pursues the ball well and displays great speed for a Defensive End. He could easily carry 15-20 more pounds it appears and play in the 255 to 260 range. Wilson is strong and athletic. He can at times get too aggressive and over pursue. And a few times he was seen being pushed out of a play he could have made but he couldn't make every play for his team.

Wilson is a good get for the Longhorns who has the ability to give offensive tackles head aches at the next level. Wilson finished the night with 8 tackles, 1 sack (wiped out by a penalty), 1 forced fumble and a fumble recovery.

As you can see the game turned into a Loften vs Wilson show with both showing why they are Oklahoma and Texas caliber players.

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