Noble Clogs the Middle

Friday night Sooners Illustrated attended the Flower Mound Marcus vs Grapevine game to see how 2010 4-star DT commitment Daniel Noble looked. Noble's night ended at halftime due to Marcus winning by a huge margin.

Daniel Noble at 6-foot-4 and 275-pounds was easy to spot once he got on the field. Noble does not look over weight or sloppy physically by any means. Thick and strong is a good way to describe him.

Marcus runs the 3-4 defense with Noble playing the nose guard position. A position that's not exactly set up to make a ton of plays considering he was tripled teamed every play he was in. All Noble did the whole game was clog the middle which is exactly what he is supposed to do.

"It puts a lot of responsibility on me (playing nose in a 3-4) because I have to take on multiple blockers and fight through a lot of blockers to get pressure on the quarterback," Noble explained. "I have to fight through double teams to get to the running backs. I think it helps out my team by freeing up linebackers and I'm willing to do anything for my team."

Noble is not only the man that clogs up the middle for the Marauders but also the leader of the defense. Against Grapevine he really didn't have to worry about doing too much of anything as his night was over at halftime and Marcus took care of business winning 62-28.

Noble finished the night with three tackles and one for loss. Grapevine found more success on offense after Noble's night was over racking up 21 second half points. Looking at the final score you would think Noble would be pleased with their performance however he sees areas for improvement.

"I think we played pretty well," Noble said. "The defense had a little bit of struggles but that's going to happen in the first game. I think we can learn from it, learn how to execute and we will get pretty good. I think the most important thing is we were flying around to the ball. We had a lot of energy and that's good for the first game."

Noble talked a little bit about Coach Jackie Shipp and him staying in contact through out his senior year. And that's exactly what Coach Shipp wants him to stay focused on.

"I call him probably every week and talk to him. He tells me to keep focused on high school football and my senior year."

With his senior season already under way Noble talked about his excitement for playing his last season in high school football.

"It kind of started during two-a-days I got real excited and realized that every practice is really important and I was just real eager to get out on the field," Noble stated.

Watching Noble you can see he has the potential to be a good defensive tackle at the next level. He does have some technique issues he needs to work on which is normal like getting his hands up and making first contact which is a problem Coach Shipp can erase quickly. He needs to also work on staying low more consistently. Noble does well getting up field and was not easy for three linemen to move out of the middle.

On the one play he wasn't triple teamed he beat the lineman with his brute strength and made the tackle in the backfield. In a 4-3 Noble would be much more disruptive which is something Sooner fans should be glad to hear.

Noble and the Marcus Marauders face off against Plano West and five-star defensive end Jackson Jeffcoat next Friday.

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