Press Conference Notebook

NORMAN, Okla. – Bob Stoops, Frank Alexander, Brian Jackson, Kevin Wilson, Chris Brown, and Sam Bradford all met with the media to discuss the upcoming match-up with BYU. Here is a look at some of the major points that were discussed.

* The biggest news was probably the way that OU offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson talked about Brody Eldridge's play at center.

He mentioned that Eldridge was the best player on the team a year ago, but today he called him "the best offensive lineman on the team".

"Brody is really good," Wilson began. "He is as good as the guy that played last year, right now. He blocks those big guys we got and they will be as good as anybody we see."

"It's not close. He is our best lineman. Trent is the most talented, but he (Eldridge) is the most consistent guy. It's not motivation. It's not a mind game. He is our best player."

Lofty comments indeed…

* A number of true freshmen will get their chance to see some game action. As a matter of fact Stoops' said it may be a better question to ask "who is not going to play".

Javon Harris, Marcus Trice, Ronnell Lewis, Jaydan Bird, Jaz Reynolds, Gabe Lynn, Demontre Hurst, Jamarkus McFarland Tyler Evans, and maybe Josh Aladenoye are all in a position to possibly play and not red-shirt. I would assume that that means most of the others will red-shirt.

* Stoops and Wilson feel great about both of his running backs (and he should as both rushed for over 1,000 yards last season) Murray is coming in to the year looking better than he did at the start of last year and Brown is looking faster than he ever has before.

*Bradford's biggest nemesis on the practice field has been Dominique Franks. He has been consistent in the fact that he is one of the few guys that takes plays the other way on the OU offense.

"Dom has great instincts," Bradford informed. "He has a great break on the ball, I feel. You have to know where he is on the field."

* Stoops did not hear analyst Todd McShay call Jermaine Gresham a soft blocker, and then disagreed with the statement…

"I haven't heard that," Stoops said with a laugh. "Jermaine Gresham is one of the best workers we have on the team. I equate him on - how he competes – (that) he is very similar to Adrian (Peterson)."

"He has improved his blocking. Let's be realistic he came here as a wide receiver out of high school. So that is something that develops as you go through, and he has had a great camp that way."

"I think that is one of the reasons why he did come back."

* Stephen Good will be mostly backing up and pushing Brian Simmons at left guard and Ben Habern will be backing up Jarvis Jones at right guard. Jones will be the primary back-up at tackle, so the other two guys will get their reps when some shifting goes on. Habern will also receive reps at center behind Eldridge.

* Sooners Illustrated will have more coverage of the press conference throughout the day and the rest of the week heading up to Saturday's opener.

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