Brigham Young Talks Oklahoma

Sooners Illustrated takes a look across the enemy lines to hear what BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall, OL Terence Brown, WR McKay Jacobson, and DE Jan Jorgensen are saying about this weekend's match-up with OU this weekend at the brand new 1.15 billion dollar Cowboys Stadium in Texas.

BYU Head Coach Bronco Mendenhall on if he has his team where they need to be heading in to Oklahoma

"I think so. We will find out a lot more when they play on Saturday. I think the team has worked really hard this Fall camp and the coaches have done a really good job preparing them. And so now it is a matter of game preparation and how we play. I feel very good at this point."

Mendenhall on the magnitude of playing in the new Cowboy's Stadium

"Our team is generating tremendous momentum, but we consider it an honor to play this game, not only against a team like Oklahoma, but also we consider it an honor to play in that stadium. I don't think it was a random selection, I don't think it was by accident that we were picked; but I think it is from dedication and a lot of hard work. And I think our players not only are excited to play there, but also are honored at the opportunity in playing in what they're calling the ‘eighth wonder of the world'."

Mendenhall on Sam Bradford and the OU offense

"I think he is not only an exceptional player, poised and experienced with what they do with him. If you look at the number of points scored, over 65 times last year. It is coming with remarkable balance. They run the football very, very well. (They have) one of the most conditioned and precise offensive lines that I have ever seen play. With the tempo they play with you will actually see the offensive line get up and running back to where the ball is spotted."

"With an exceptional quarterback, a conditioned offensive line, and talented skill players around him there are a lot of things happening that I think highlight his abilities. He is not sacked frequently. He is elusive and he runs well."

OL Terence Brown on if he feels confident they can have success against the OU defensive line

"They are very talented and you can just tell that they work hard. And so a lot of times that is what makes good players and they are definitely very up-field, very aggressive, and they have swims and things that they are very good at. We have studied film and we feel very confident that we will do what we learned. It is when we get out of our technique that we will definitely get exploited."

"I think we are very confident. We have been working hard. We are sending time preparing. And we are all excited to go down there and rise to the challenge and have some fun down there."

Brown on the DT's he will match up against on Saturday

"They flop them. 84 is the one-technique and 93, McCoy, plays the three technique. The one-technique is shaded on the center and the three-technique is outside the guard. Both are great. They are similar. They are high drive up-field players and they are not going to take any of the plays off."

"Obviously for everything they do we should have something that we do to counter that."

BYU So. WR McKay Jacobson, a former Southlake Carroll High star on coming to Texas to play

"It is exciting to just be going back to Texas. It is different but it is exciting. This is a special occasion I would say. We are playing TCU this year, but I don't know the next time we will play OU again."

"Anywhere from 80-100 people, friends, family, and former coaches, will be going down there (to watch the game). "

Jacobson on the magnitude of the match-up for BYU

"I have been waiting a long time for this. It has been building up. I think this is a game you played your whole life for. For this opportunity to go out there and play a good team and compete on a big stage."

DE Jan Jorgensen on his match-up with Trent Williams

"This is an amazing opportunity and I'm excited. I don't worry a lot about everybody else because Trent is the guy I'll be going against. So I just try to focus on him the most and he's a great athlete. I just think he's the best I'll ever play against, so I've been watching a lot of film trying to focus on him."

"He's their only returning starter and an All-American. Trent Williams is very good and has some of the best footwork I've seen out of anybody. He's very quick and he does a great job of getting out on his blocks and finishing his blocks. He's got that little nasty streak that all good offensive linemen have and he's a very good player."

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