Bradford Presser (9-1-09)

After winning the Heisman Memorial Trophy and leading the OU offense to a record setting run in '08 Sam Bradford is ready to dive in to the '09 season with a win over BYU. Check inside to hear audio and read excerpts from his weekly press conference.

Complete Sam Bradford Presser -

On Brody Eldridge starting at center:
"I think he was one of the best blockers we had last year at tight end. To move him to center and to see the way he has been able to comprehend the things the coaches have asked him to do and see the way he has been able to play has been impressive.
"I never would have thought that Brody would be at center. I can imagine that Brody is probably even more surprised to be playing center than I am to have him at center. His size isn't a concern for me. The way he handled defensive linemen last year, he has proven that he can do it."
On the importance of a good snap:
"It's very important, it's what gets the play started. If I don't get the ball then obviously we are in trouble. It's been different to go through different centers in the spring and in the fall. We have put a lot of work into it and I feel confident with everyone we have playing center right now."
On Adron Tennell:
"You guys have seen his capability and some of the plays that he has been able to make. He played as a true freshman, I think that shows that the coaches have tremendous confidence in him. Every practice he comes out and seems like he makes a play on a deep ball, jumping over someone and making a grab. Every day it seems like I leave the field with more confidence in him than I had at the beginning of practice."
On becoming more vocal as a leader:
"It's something I have grown into. I think my personality is pretty laid back, I'm pretty quiet normally. The more I have played here the more comfortable I feel with being louder and being more vocal with guys."
On the chance to win a second Heisman:
"Just to win one is extremely challenging. The award has been given out for over 70 years and only one guy has ever won it twice, so it's an extremely difficult task. As far as me and Tim (Tebow) going after a second one, I think for either of us, that is the last thing on our minds right now. I don't know who they open with but we have to play BYU Saturday and that's all I'm concerned with right now."
On improvements from last year:
"I think pre-snap I feel a lot more comfortable now. The more reps you have, the more experience you have, the more comfortable you feel. Just recognizing defenses before the snap is something that I have improved on since the spring."
On his improvements as a leader:
"I think the first game will tell a lot. I feel like some of the goals that I did set, especially leadership, I feel like I have improved. I've come a long way from the end of the last year to the beginning of this year, but I also feel like that is something I need to continue doing throughout this year. I feel like my role as a leader has definitely increased. I feel like this is the most vocal I have ever been since I have been here and since I have been playing."
On staying positive for his team:
"It starts in practice. Sometimes if I'm not playing as well as I could, I have to keep my body language positive all the time, even if I'm not having a great day. It transcends into everyone else. If I stay positive and keep everyone else going we can all have a good day."
On the excitement for the season opener:
"I'm extremely excited. It's something that I have been looking forward to since last year. There were days in the winter and the summer when I never thought this day would come. Now, we're finally here and we've gone through two-a-days and we're into game week now. I think everyone on our football team is really excited about this opportunity."

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