Tennell Looking for a Breakout

Like sand through the hourglass… These are the days of our lives. After the crushing news that Jermaine Gresham has suffered an undiagnosed knee injury many OU fans probably feel like they are living a soap opera. The OU offense will now turn to an untested receiving corp to be a main weapon in the offensive arsenal used against BYU on Saturday.

Without Gresham Senior receiver Adron Tennell will be relied upon to provide an offensive spark on Saturday.

He may also be the team's new main target in the red-zone, where the big tight end was one of the most consistent and productive players in the country.

Tennell is taking a workmanlike approach to the game.

"Just go out there and perform," Tennell said when asked what he needed to do to be successful. "Just go out there and do my job and catch balls. We are just going to go out there and catch the ball and do what we have been doing each day through training camp. Perform each day and go out there and do our job."

"I have been waiting on this for a long time now. I am just ready to get out there."

He thinks a team effort from all of the top receivers will help ease the transition with an offense that will be relatively young outside of Sam Bradford and running backs Chris Brown and DeMarco Murray.

"I am ready to get out there and lead the team," Tennell began.

"(But) it's not just me leading. We have Ryan (Broyles). Mossis (Madu), and DeJuan (Miller). Everybody is out there doing their job, leading, we follow each other."

Tennell is hopeful that the team can step up and have a breakout game to silence the critics that have been saying the receivers will be a major weakness of the team.

"I feel like we are going to go out there and perform," Tennell admitted.

"I feel like a lot of people are underestimating us. We are going to go out there and show them what we can do."

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