RECRUITING: More on Big 'Moe'

DeCatur, Illinois defensive tackle 'Moe' Dampeer talks recruiting and about his interest in the Sooners

Below is a transcript of DeCatur, Illinois defensive tackle Lawrence 'Moe' Dampeer's radio interview with James Hale Thursday morning on KREF Sports Radio in Norman.

JH: You visited Ohio State this past weekend, so what are your thoughts on the Buckeyes?

MD: "I had a great time and they are a great school with a great program. I met a lot of great people up there and they have everything that it takes to be a great program."

JH: Did your visit to Ohio State change your thoughts on recruiting at this time?

MD: "Oklahoma is still my favorite school and I have been committed to them, I guess you could say. But the visit to Ohio State has opened the door a little bit for them. Oklahoma is still my number one school and they are still my favorite school, but I have to say that Ohio State opened my eyes a little bit and they are a great school.

JH: What is it that you like about Oklahoma so much?

MD: It is just a gut feeling that I have about Oklahoma, it's coaches and the players that I have met. It felt like home for me and I feel Bob Stoops is a special man and the coach that will be coaching me (Jackie Shipp) is a great individual, who I enjoy dealing with very much. I think in recruiting, at times, you have to go with your gut and my gut is always telling me Oklahoma."

JH: Do you still plan on not taking any more visits?

MD: "I have decided to go ahead and visit Miami this weekend and then Purdue on the 31st."

JH: So you're not going to take the ACT this weekend?

MD: "I decided to go ahead and take my visits because I feel it is important that I do so. I am going to take my ACT the on the 29th and 30th, before I go to Purdue. I have been asked to go on these visits and I feel I need to go because I committed to go."

JH: Are you still enjoying the recruiting?

MD: "Yes, I don't mind it. If you concentrate on what you are doing and think things through then the recruiting process is fine. I get a chance to meet some great coaches and players and that is what impresses me the most."

JH: If you compared Oklahoma and Ohio State, what would you say about them?

MD: "Both are great football programs with outstanding academics. Both teams have great head coaches, who are dynamic and very personable. They are pretty even in a lot of respects, but I guess you could say I like the assistant coaches a little more at OU. However, Ohio State is closer to my home. Again, it comes down to a gut hunch in some ways and OU is still my leader."

JH: Before I let you go, let's recap and once again. Where does Oklahoma stand in your recruiting?

MD: "They are my number one school and always have been. However, I liked my visit to Ohio State and I am not ready to close the door on them yet. This doesn't mean I don't like OU and in fact it probably locks me into OU even more. I don't want people to get upset because I am also considering Ohio State because Oklahoma is still my favorite school. There are highs and lows in recruiting and ups and downs and you have to ride with the wave. So far that wave has always led me back to Oklahoma and it is still is at this time."

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