Questions Surround Gresham's Status

When it was announced that Jermaine Gresham would be sidelined for the BYU game with cartilage damage in his right knee many were hopeful that he would return soon, but according to OU head coach Bob Stoops there are some options for them to consider regarding his treatment.

Jermaine Gresham was an integral player for the OU offense heading in to the 2009 football season.

His 26 career touchdowns and red-zone presence were sorely missed in Saturday night's 14-13 loss to BYU, where the OU offense just never seemed to get on track.

Many are hopeful that he will see a return to the field very soon, but when OU head coach Bob Stoops said there were options surrounding his injury and how to deal with it, doubt started to creep in to the mind of more than one reporter on press row.

"Sunday and Monday we are going to have to decide what his method of recovery is going to be as well," Stoops said.

When pushed further on the subject Stoops declined to elaborate.

"I am not going to discuss those until we decide which method we are going to work," Stoops responded when asked what were the options of treatment for Gresham.

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