Patton Talks OL

Everyone knew coming in to the opening game of the '09 season that there were going to be some questions surrounding the offensive line. No one expected them to play as inconsistently as they did in the 14-13 loss to BYU. OU OL coach James Patton talked a little bit about that performance after the game.

Ask James Patton about the opening game loss and he will be quick to point out that it was penalties that put the OU offense and the OU offensive line behind the eight ball.

"Too many mistakes," Patton said with a dismayed calmness.

"We did not do enough things to win. We did too many things to lose the game with penalties. We need to clean things up."

Coming in to the game it seemed that the players along the offensive front were starting to turn the corner and both coach and player expected more from the unit.

Still no one would have expected them to rack up nine penalties throughout the course of the contest.

"We got to address it," Patton acknowledged. "We did some things in pre-season and we did some things we didn't do in pre-season that we did not do tonight, so we got to clean that up. It is my responsibility to get the guys cleaned up."

In the second half the Sooners inserted Ben Habern at RG and Jarvis Jones slid over to RT and as a whole the ‘O' looked a little more crisp, but Patton wants to go back and watch the game film before making the proclamation that Habern and Jones were the answer to offensive line woes.

"We will have to go back and look at the tape," Patton began. "I don't know if it is just because those two guys went in. We just got in to the formations that were good for us. We will look at the film and make adjustments if needed."

Patton did see some upside. He thought that converted tight end Brody Eldridge did a great job at center.

‘I think he played really good. He is a really good player."

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