Did Randle get an official OU offer?

Recruiting coverage at SoonersIllustrated continues as we bring fans the latest in Oklahoma recruiting news. Today, we talked with Oklahoma target Trevon Randle from Clear Springs High School in Texas.

It matters not that he is one of the top linebackers in the state for the class of 2011, Clear Springs' Trevon Randle will do what is best for the team first when it comes to personnel. 

So in Week 0 against Spring DeKaney, Randle lined up at running back because his coaches asked him to play there as the season opened. He gained only 49 yards and was unable to find the end zone in a 23-17 loss.

For their Week 1 game against Alvin Manvel, Randle was back doing what he does best, knocks heads around on defense. In a dominating fashion, Randle and the Clear Springs team won their first ball game of the 2009 season, 35-18.

"I'm happy to be back on defense. The coaches told me that they needed the ‘ol Mike linebacker to come back," Randle said. "I'm going to do whatever the coach wants me to do (in regards to playing another position if needs be), but I love the linebacker. I'm back."

And his return was felt not only by his teammates, but by Manvel quarterback Dexter Foreman as well. Randle, along with his teammate Donnie Baggs, kept constant pressure on Foreman forcing out of the pocket and getting to him with the sacks as well.

In the end, Randle had about 10 tackles and a second-half interception. Manvel came with the spread attack, but the Clear Springs defense was on point.

"Throughout the game, I was comfortable and there wasn't anything going on that we have not seen before," Randle said. "We went against the spread with Creek and things like that. You know with the screens and different pass routes, we were ready for all of that.

"On the interception, he (quarterback) was trying to read so I just gave a fake. He (receiver) tried to go outside and come back inside. When I went inside, I jumped the play."

Sounds as though this could be a start to another stellar season for Randle after a sophomore year recording more than 100 tackles. Now in his junior year, Randle is aware that he is one of the most sought after linebackers in his class.

And when official offers came out this past week starting on Tuesday, September 1, Randle had a few that came in.

"I got a couple of scholarships in the mail and a whole bunch of verbal offers," Randle said. "Oklahoma, Oregon and Oklahoma State are the ones that came in this week. Those are all good, but I'm going to wait and be patient and humble."

He stated that he does keep contact with coaches from these schools as well as Texas and LSU as well. With Oklahoma, coach Cale Gundy is recruiting him.

Randle spoke briefly about a recent conversation with Gundy.

"We talk about once a month," Randle said. "The last time we talked he told me that when I am ready, he is ready for me to come to the school. I did not feel any pressure at all. We just talk."

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